How about a bike ride with MTB as the theme?

Many people who like MTB have the bike in the garage and take a walk in the nearby forest area. If you want to try something new and combine the MTB interest with a trip, it is also good. There are many nice places in Sweden that you can go to bike mountain biking, or trail cycling as you say in Swedish. You can go in the woods, over the mountains and down steep slopes. The most well-known areas in the country are Bergslagen, Dalarna and the mountains with resorts such as Åre and Järvsö.

Photo: Bergslagen Cycling

A common variant of a bicycle trip is that you cycle a country road between different places. Between three and ten miles a day. Some book the type of bike package found at Sweden by Bike. Others plan their trip themselves and book accommodations along the way or sleep in tents. When you like MTB it may look a little different. Many people transport their bicycles with their own car to the place where they intend to cycle. Others get to the place by train or bus and rent their bicycles. No matter how you choose to do it is about getting to an area with nice trails, a beautiful mountain area or maybe a bike park.

Stay in one place and test different joints

The bike packages available at Sweden by Bike are often arranged so that you live in one place. Then you choose different routes and routes for maybe two, three days. Cycling in terrain can be quite physically demanding and it is nice to be able to get back in the evenings. Some would like to swim in the sauna or visit a relaxation area in the evening, while others just want to go to bed with a good book. Often you want to hang clothes on the dryer, maybe wash some clothes and flush the bike. Some like to live easily in their own cabin, others like to stay in hotels and have a beer on the veranda after today's exercises. At present, there are about ten bicycle packages aimed at MTB at Sweden by Bike. From Sankt Olof in Skåne in the south to Järvsö in Hälsingland in the north.

Car-free for the family of children

There is a large bicycle area in Närke Bergslagen Cycling with very "ordinary" cycling, but above all very very nice MTB tracks. From here you can go and cycle from easy trails for beginners to really challenging black trails for skilled MTB cyclists. Sweden by Bike is available package in Ånnaboda about two miles from Örebro and Åsbro. In Kumla there is another package in Kvarntorp's outdoor area. Fairly flat trails, accommodation at a well-equipped campsite and the sculpture park Konst på Hög very close by. A good bike-friendly accommodation for MTB enthusiasts is Lars Jans Stugan in Pershyttan. An advantage of trail cycling if the whole family is involved is that you do not meet cars in the forest. The purchase gives you a nature experience, cardio training and many people find it exciting to make their way inside the forest.

Beautiful mountain scenery and old robber forests

In beautiful Hälsingland there is a real gem in the form of Järvsö. Here you live comfortably mountain hotel or on Hotel Järvsöbaden and can cycle through the landscape on beautifully located paths or hike perform at the famous Järvsö Mountain Bike Park. In Dalarna there are also many opportunities for those who enjoy MTB. Here goes the Cycle Bike as a summer variant of the Vasaloppet. At Sweden by Bike you will find really nice bike packages in family friendly Idre and a nice one training packages in classic Rättvik. You live at Stiftsgården near Siljan and an instructor is included if you want to develop technically. The package is intended for five people exercising in a group.

In Högbo near Sandviken in Gästrikland There is a package that combines comfortable hotel accommodation with excellent training opportunities. There is a spa and the cooking is high class. In Västergötland there is a bike package for those who like adventure and wilderness feeling. You bike in The National Park of Thief, an area once famous for its straw robbers. Here we recommend thermos, rainwear, warm sweater and backpack. You who want to go on a longer trip can choose to cycling in two national parks and overnight seven nights with luggage transport between the accommodation.

Stockholm district and Österlen

If you feel like a comfortable weekend with good food near Stockholm and want to try comfortable MTB cycling is Skeviks Gård near Gustavsberg a good alternative. A beautiful place that offers great relaxation. No further away than you can bike from central Stockholm. At the far south is an MTB package for life-enjoyers with charming accommodation at the farm hotel Villa Gina and the adorable landscape of Österlen. In other words, there are many different variants to test for those who want to do a bike ride with MTB as the theme.