There are great opportunities to develop Swedish bicycle tourism, in many different parts of the country and with their respective conditions. With the right knowledge, you can move forward quickly. Our courses are designed so that you get tools that can be used immediately when you get home. They are cost-effective, time-efficient and developed just for you who have to achieve a lot with a limited budget. The courses are also an opportunity to build social networks and meet others in the industry who are thinking along the same lines. The teachers has extensive experience in its fields and is one of the leading experts in the country.

The courses are primarily aimed at those who work with destination and tourism development and at entrepreneurs who want to develop their business with offers for cyclists. Both large and small. We also offer courses for those who work with business development and want to learn more about the growth opportunities in the climate-friendly sector such as cycling tourism.

Customized course schedule in your city

Our courses can also be adapted to your specific location or at another time. Maybe you want to gather the local companies around a topic and buy the course from us? Contact us by e-mail or telephone 08-640 96 56 we will try to help you in the best way.  

Upcoming courses

Winter / spring 2022

2022-02-03: Bicycle Guide Basics (online)