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Right of public access

Swedish public law gives everyone, Swedish citizens and foreign visitors, a unique opportunity to move freely in nature. Warmly welcome to enjoy the scents, birdsong, flowering meadows and the quiet tranquility of the forest! But you must be careful and consider both nature and wildlife as well as landowners and other visitors. read more here.

Luggage transport

When you cycle between different places, it can help to get help with transporting your luggage. If you book a bicycle package that includes overnight stays, good food and suggested trips, there is often the opportunity to have your luggage transported between different overnight places. Here you will find more information about our bike packages. 

Car-free cycling

There are many different bike paths and routes to choose from, and some of them are completely car-free, such as beautiful Klarälvsbanan in Värmland. The national cycle paths Kattegat trail, southeast trail and The south coast trail has a special certification that certifies that the trail is of high quality, is traffic safe and that there is a wide range of experiences and services along the trail. Another alternative is of course mountain biking, where cycling is 100 % car-free and the nature experience is fantastic as you make your way along winding paths in the forest. You can also search for more MTB areas at this side.

Bicycle friendly accommodation

For those who are out cycling, it makes it easier to stay overnight in a bicycle-friendly accommodation. our bike-friendly accommodations are bed and breakfasts, hostels, guest houses and hotels that find it extra fun when guests come cycling. They are located close to cycle paths and interesting destinations around the country, and offer special services for you as a cyclist:

Bicycle Tours

There are many benefits to booking a ready-made bike package that includes overnight stay, good food and suggested tours. At Sweden by Bike you will find a large selection of nice bike packages. When you book your bicycle package via us, you will receive accident insurance throughout the trip, and for bicycle packages with overnight stays, an optional bicycle map from Norstedt's publisher. You as a customer always pay the lowest price guaranteed.

We have divided the bicycle packages into different categories. You can clearly see what is included in the basic price, but also have the opportunity to make different options. Maybe you want to rent a bike (if it is not included in the basic price) or stay an extra night? You will receive a response within 24 hours to your request and can then choose to confirm your booking.

Here you will find all our bicycle packages.


Many people feel it is a long way to cycle several miles, but with a bike you will get quite far in one day without having to be particularly well-trained. With an electric bicycle it becomes even easier because you get some extra help on the slopes. Of course, it is good if you have a certain basic fitness, but for most people it is quite easy to cycle between 30-60 km per day. If you cycle at a leisurely pace, you can expect a distance of 15 km to take about an hour, and for many things go faster than that. Stop in at a cozy café, enjoy a packed lunch or take a dip in a swimming lake on the way.

Do you need to calculate distance on a physical map? In that case, we can recommend this rangefinder like you can be found here in our online store.

Electric bike

Riding an electric bike makes it possible to cycle a little longer distances, because you get extra help, not least on the uphill slopes. Access to charge the battery in the evening is of course important, and to be able to store the bike safely during the night. That is why we also set requirements for safe bicycle storage for all bicycle-friendly accommodation that you will find here with us.

More and more bicycle rental companies also offer electric bicycles for rent, including in connection with the national bicycle routes (read more about national bicycle tourism routes a little further down the page) and at established bicycle destinations around Sweden.


As an extra care, you are covered by a supplementary accident insurance during your cycling trip. The insurance is provided by Folksam and applies when you have booked a complete bicycle package via our web service. The insurance covers Nordic citizens and citizens residing within the EU, and for the insurance to apply, it is important that everyone in the company is named at the time of booking. Here you will find more information about terms and compensation levels.

A tip! If you pay for your trip with a bank or credit card, it usually includes a cancellation protection that applies to illness and accidents, among other things. In most cases, it is possible to pay for the trip via your bank account to receive the benefits of the card insurance, provided that the account is linked to your card. It may also be wise to pay for the trip in families, as card insurance is often limited to family members.


Wearing cycling goggles makes your cycling trip more comfortable, as they protect your eyes from sun, wind, rain, insects and gravel. There are several different models and price ranges to choose from, but it can be good to buy a pair that has good ventilation and does not mist again with effort. If you choose cycling glasses with interchangeable lenses, you can easily change to different colored glasses in different weather conditions. When you are going to buy cycling glasses, they should fit well, and then it is good if it is possible to adjust the bridge of the nose and the temples so that it fits your face shape. Then you can also adjust the height of the glasses and the distance from the face to increase comfort and prevent the glasses from slipping off. We ourselves like cycling glasses from Rudy Project which you will find in our online store.

Gpx files

As a support for navigating and finding the right you can sometimes access a GPX file. Simply put, one can say that a GPX file contains digital map information. You must have an application that allows you to read it on your mobile phone. There are several different, we can tell about the free version of a simple app called BikeGPX. It is easy to use, and even one of the above users will figure out quite quickly how to do it. Once you have the app and have downloaded the GPX file to your mobile, you will receive a map that you can make more clear or go into details. 


Cycling with an experienced cycling guide often enhances the experience. We are proud to present a special guide pool with skilled cycling guides for you who want to hire a bicycle guide. 


For those of you who want to bring the family's best friend on a cycling holiday, we have developed a special category of cycling packages called Animal Friends. This means that there is access to special rooms for you who want to bring the dog. It is important to say that you want to take the dog with you when booking, and you usually pay a small surcharge. Here you will find bicycle package for Animal Lovers.

Rent a bike

It is always possible to rent a bike when you book a bike package via Sweden by Bike. Sometimes there is also access to children's bikes, electric bikes and bike carts. The price and range of bicycles vary, and you get all the information about this from the tour operator in connection with your booking.


It is a great advantage if you have access to a good bike map when planning your cycling trip. The map gives you a good overview of different road choices, you get information about the ground is gravel or asphalt and tips on bike-friendly accommodations along the way. We have chosen to collaborate with Norstedt's publishing company that publishes the Bicycle Map, a high-quality map series that currently covers Götaland, large parts of Svealand and the area around Siljan. You can find the Bicycle Map in our online store.


The choice of clothes, of course, depends on what season you spend on your bike ride and how long you plan to be away. An approved bicycle helmet (preferably called Mips helmet), a windproof jacket and a pair of padded bicycle pants are a good foundation regardless. It is also wise to bring a nice sweater as a change when you stop by and take a break.

For autumn and winter cycling it is nice with a thin windproof cap under the helmet, galongalos / shoe covers that keep wet and cool away and a pair of warm gloves. During the darker seasons of the year, it is also important to have good reflections so that you are properly visible. 

Laws and regulations

There are some things that are important to keep in mind for you as a cyclist, such as what equipment requirements apply to your bike and what traffic rules apply. As always, it is important to show consideration, and to respect it Swedish right of public access.

National cycling tourism routes

National cycling tourism routes have undergone a special certification that certifies that the trail is of high quality, is road-safe and that there is a wide range of experiences and services along the trail. There are currently three cycle routes in Sweden that achieve this certification; it is Kattegat trail walking 390 km along the coast between Gothenburg-Helsingborg and in 2018 was named this year's cycle route in Europe (cycle route no. 1), southeast trail which is 270 km long and stretches between Växjö-Simrishamn on Österlen (cycle route no. 2) and The south coast trail which runs 260 km between Simrishamn-Helsingborg and was inaugurated in June 2019 (cycle route no. 3). This means that there are 900 km of continuous cycle paths of high quality in southern Sweden to experience during all seasons of the year.


When you go on a cycling holiday, you need to think through your packing and plan what to bring with you on the trip. Clothes for different types of weather, some changes and depending on the season and the duration of the tour. Depending on whether you choose to stay in a tent or at a comfortable hotel, bed & breakfast or hostel, you need to bring different things with you.

Avoid cycling around with a heavy backpack, pack it as lightly as you can. It is also important to distribute the gasket evenly in the front / back and on the left / right side, it will be easier.


Getting puncture is not fun, but it is not very difficult to fix yourself. You should bring some simple things with you on the bike ride.

Plan your bike trip

When you cycle in Sweden you often share the road with cars. Planning is important in order to be able to choose a route where the traffic is not as intense or where there are plenty of bike lanes. A little further up in the text you can read about "Car-free cycling".  Here you will find bike-friendly accommodations with special service for you as a cyclist. We will be back soon with more information.

Gift card

A bike holiday is a nice gift and memorable experience, but sometimes it can be difficult to know what to choose. Then it might be good to buy a gift card that can be used as part payment for all bicycle packages and bicycle-friendly accommodations at Sweden by Bike. You can find the gift card in our online store. 

Rain and worse weather

It is not fun with torrential rain, but even if the weather is a bit varied, your cycling holiday will be a great experience depending on how you plan your trip and how you choose to spend the night. After a day of cycling in light drizzle, you really enjoy a good dinner in the company of good friends in front of the fireplace of a cozy bed & breakfast, or end the evening in a wood-fired sauna or hot tub under a beautiful starry sky. Then you sleep well, preferably in a bed with smooth, freshly mangled sheets.

Transport by bicycle

You can take your bicycle on the regional trains in most counties, and on many regional buses as far as location is concerned. You can also take the bike on a commuter train, with some restrictions and only during a certain part of the day when there is low traffic. Lund Nature Conservation Association has made a detailed inventory of the possibilities of taking the bike on a train. Read more about cycling on trains here.