Those who plan their cycling trip on their own are happy to choose to spend the night in places where there is a special service for cycling guests. If you want to join us as Bicycle friendly accommodation you get your own presentation page We help with texts and pictures. You get access to an advanced web platform that is effective when it comes to search engine hits. You will also receive a physical sticker sent to the post office which you can put up at the entrance and which helps cycling travelers to find the right one. As an extra bonus, you will also be included on Norstedt's printed cycle map (the map series currently covers Götaland, large parts of Svealand and the area around Siljan).

Cyclist Welcome 2023 - Sweden by Bike

Our bicycle-friendly accommodation is bed & breakfast, hostel, guest house, cabins / camping and hotels that find it extra fun when guests come cycling. They are located near bike paths and bike destinations in different parts of the country. From cornfields and apple trees in Skåne to rippling streams and the expanses of the mountain world.

It costs SEK 1,200 plus VAT per year to join. We do not charge a commission as the customer is referred directly to you and the contact information you provided for booking.

The following expectations are placed on all of them Bicycle friendly accommodations:

Does that sound interesting or do you want to know more? Contact us at or 08-640 96 56 we will help you.