Welcome to "Cyclist Welcome!", a quality label for businesses that value and welcome cyclists. As more and more travelers choose the bicycle for their adventures, there is a growing demand for places adapted to their needs. "Cyclist welcome!" gives you a unique opportunity to show your commitment to this growing group of travelers.

What does it mean to be part of "Cyclist welcome!"?

Being part of "Cyclist welcome!" means that you not only open your doors to cycling guests, but also show that you have the special service that these guests appreciate the most.

Bicycle friendly accommodation: Whether you run a bed & breakfast, hostel, guesthouse, cottage, campsite or hotel, we know that there are some things that are particularly important for your cycling guests. With "Cyclist welcome!" you guarantee them an experience tailored to the unique needs of the cyclist.

Favorite place: Cafés, restaurants and tourist attractions play a central role in a cyclist's journey. By becoming a "Cyclist welcome!" favorite location, you show that your business can provide cyclists with the service they need.

Why should your business join?

  1. Visibility: Get your own presentation page on swedenbybike.com and benefit from a web platform optimized for search engines.
  2. Recognition: You will receive a "Cyclist welcome!" sticker to display at your entrance, as well as a digital sticker for your website or social media.
  3. Networking: Become part of a national map of cycle-friendly places, including visibility on the Map Publisher's printed cycle map.
  4. Direct communication: No intermediary or commission. Cyclists are referred directly to you using the contact details you provide.

When you join "Cyclist welcome!" you become not only part of a platform, but also a partner. We help with texts, images and support on how to best adapt your activities to meet the needs of cyclists.

Help shape the future of cycling culture in Sweden! Find out how your business can become part of "Cyclist welcome!" and discover the benefits of welcoming cycling tourists from Sweden and other countries.

To find out more about specific requirements, prices and benefits for bicycle friendly accommodation or favorite place, follow the links.