Here we tell you more about our services and the knowledge we offer in what we are best at: Swedish cycling tourism. Everything we do aims to achieve our most important goal - to inspire and make visible Sweden's fantastic range of bicycles to as many people as possible.

An important part of what we do is to develop and communicate Sweden's fantastic range of bicycles. We do this partly through communication in our digital channels, and partly by offering a number of other services in cycling tourism. Alone or in collaboration with others involved in our network, we offer everything from training and courses to the development of new bike rides and bike packages.

Development, packaging and marketing of new or existing bicycle trips

One of the things we know best is the development of new bicycle packages and bicycle tours. We help from ear to loaf and guide the customer. (sometimes a municipality / destination, sometimes a sole proprietor) in everything from what to think about (what does a cyclist really want?), to support with targeted communication, marketing and packaging.
Virtually all municipalities and destinations, housing and places have the opportunity to develop in this area - Sweden is magical for cycling and we are happy to help "cylistan fit" your offer.

Project management of both small and large development projects

We are happy to share our experiences in cycling tourism and you are welcome to contact us if you want to do a feasibility study or need project support.

Education and courses

We ourselves, and sometimes also in connection with partners, we have held lots of courses in cycling tourism. In 2020, for example, we held a much-appreciated training series for bicycle guides.

We also create tailor-made training for municipalities, destinations, companies or others who want to improve their work with bicycle tourism in various ways.

Sweden by Bike has developed courses for those who want to train you in bicycle tourism. Everything from packaging and business development to the basics of bike guiding. Knowledgeable lecturers, time-efficient design and tangible so that the knowledge can be quickly put into practice.

Here you will find more information about our current courses and educations.

Tailor-made trips for groups and companies

In addition to the fact that, through good collaborations with organizers and accommodation, we offer over 100 ready-made bicycle packages, we are happy to help tailor trips for companies or groups. It can be a conference, family reunion or bachelor party. We usually do this together with one of the quality-assured bicycle guides we have in our bicycle guide pool.

Communication and marketing

Do you want to reach more potential customers and cyclists? You know where we are. Packaging and creating targeted (relevant - we do not believe in "spamming") campaigns is among the most fun we know. Why? Same as always. We want to get more people to cycle in Sweden.

Acts as moderator and speaker

Do you need a credible and relevant moderator in cycling and cycling tourism? Then know where we are. We have moderated various seminars over the years and in our "Sweden by Bike family" there are also both communicators and journalists.

Finally - we have a network we are proud of.
What do you need help with?

Some call it PR - we call it having good and well-groomed relationships. We know this industry and often know who is an expert in a certain area for a bicycle project to be geared up. We have a network we are proud of and often collaborate with other actors who can complement us in a good way.

Feel free to contact us if you are looking for a certain competence linked to a bicycle investment or have a development need in bicycle tourism. We are proud to have such a fine network, and are happy to help with everything from project applications to the actual implementation.