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Vindelälvsleden is marked with red signs along the road.

Vindelälvsleden consists of various routes of trails, trails and roads between the mountain world in Ammarnäs in southern Lapland and Vännäsby's cultural landscape in southern Västerbotten. The trail naturally links communities, villages, attractions, fishing grounds and excursion destinations.

Photo: Pontus Holmgård

You can choose to cycle along the more arduous mountain bike trail or along the bike trail intended for regular bikes. The mountain bike trail has red signs with additional text MTB and runs mainly on the south side of Vindelälven, between Sorsele and Selet (approx. 300 km). The Swedish Cycling Association has developed the route of the trail and put up all signs along the Vindelälvsleden trail.

Suitable season for bike rides is from mid-May to late September. Parts of the trail can also be cycled during winter. The Vindel River is one of Sweden's four national rivers. Here you are moving in a powerful and exciting part of Sweden.

Main Route: about 400 km along the Vindel River (Vännäsby - Rödåsel - Vindeln - Hällnäs - Stryck harness - Squirrel harness - Åmsele - Sisele - Rusksele - Vomsele - Björksele - Kristineberg - Vindelgransele - Råstrand - Sorsele - Kraddsele - Ammarnäs).

New for this year is that you can book a place for your bike. You book a place for the bike while booking the trip on the train.

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