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Ekerö municipality
Enköping municipality
Mälardalsleden is marked with red signs along the road (supplement with your own map)

Mälardalsleden is Sweden's oldest bicycle tourist trail and goes around Lake Mälaren. The cycle path is mostly light cycled, as it passes through the Mälardalen plain landscape. The trail connects several major cities in an attractive way such as Stockholm, Södertälje, Eskilstuna, Västerås and Enköping.

The Mälardalen Trail covers the whole of Mälardalen as far as Arboga, with connection to several boat docks with boat traffic during the summer. There are also connections to the Swedish Trail, and access to a large network of trails totaling about 800 km with many choices and alternatives.

Main Route: about 440 km around Lake Mälaren (Ekerö-Järfälla-Upplands-Bro-Sigtuna-Håbo-Enköping-Västerås-Hallstahammar-Köping-Arboga-Kungsör-Eskilstuna-Strängnäs-Mariefred-Nykvarn-Södertälje-Huddinge-Stockholm). The Swedish Cycling Association has developed the route of the trail and put up all signs along the Mälardalsleden trail.

Note! On the map image, there is a ferry route marked between Järfälla and Ekerö, but that is incorrect. There is no ferry between these two places and the map image will be updated.

The regional traffic in Örebro and the Sörmland traffic
Bikes are allowed to be taken free of charge, subject to a maximum of two per bus. On the city buses and county buses in Södermanland and Västmanland you cannot bring a bicycle.

Stockholm Public Transport (SL)
Bikes may be included on the commuter trains, but not at rush hour, at. 06:00 - 09:00 and 15:00 - 18:00. During weekends no time limits apply. Bringing a bike is free. Bicycles are not allowed to Arlanda C, Stockholm C, via the entrance at Odenplan to the Stockholm Odenplan station or on Stockholm County buses. read more here

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