Dirt road and asphalt
A bit along busy motorway
The Gotland Trail is marked with red signs along the road (supplement with your own map)

It is often said that Gotland is a short journey far away, and it really is a special place - in the middle of the Baltic Sea. Nature is varied with white soft sandy beaches, impressive rauk fields, steep rocky shores, beautiful meadows, cobblestone beaches and windswept rocky forests that grow directly on the bedrock. 

The Gotland Trail extends around the whole of Gotland, from Fårö in the north to Hoburg in the south. The white gravel roads of Gotland lime shine in the sunshine, and the light is strong and intense like the Mediterranean. Even the entertainment life and all the cozy outdoor seating contribute to the continental feeling. As you cycle you will pass cozy cafes, farm shops, artisans, flea markets and lovely swimming areas. Everywhere there are also traces from the early Middle Ages, when the ring wall and Visby city center grew and the island's nearly hundred medieval churches were built.

In the summer, several of the major roads are heavily congested. The signage is sometimes deficient, and we recommend that you have access to a good bike map. NEW! The Gotland Trail has partly been given a new route and therefore does not fully match the bicycle map. We will update on the site when we have more information available.  

Bicycle on the regional buses
Bicycles may be carried to the extent of space, however a maximum of two pieces per bus. Tandem or bicycle trailer not allowed.

See and experience

  • local_seeBergmangårdarna, Fårö
  • local_seeThe medieval stone churches
  • local_seeThe ancient hall at Gotland's museum
  • local_seeBird mountains in the Karls Islands
  • local_seeGotland Art Museum, Visby
  • local_seeGotska Sandön's beaches
  • local_seeKattlunds museum yard, Grötlingbo
  • local_seeCherry Farm, Sundre
  • local_seeLummelunda Cave
  • local_seePetes Museum Farm, Hablingo
  • local_seeThe smoke on Fårö
  • local_seeRome royal estate
  • local_seeVamlingbo parsonage
  • local_seeVisby ring wall

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