The bicycle guide who always has something to teach

As an experienced cycling guide, Veronica Carlson always starts by teaching the basics to make the trip safe. The area around Trosa where she works has something for all types of cyclists. She herself prefers to cycle on paths in the forest or along the sea for the sake of the scents.    

You are an experienced cycling guide. What do you usually teach your cycling guests?

Our focus is always the joy of cycling and the nature experience. To achieve this, we convey how important it is with cycling technology for the guest to cycle safely and sustainably. We always teach the basics of our guided tours and they are appreciated by both the beginner and the more experienced cyclist. There is always something to learn is our motto! The new knowledge takes the guest "home". In addition to the guide becoming a memory for the day, they also get tips and advice for their own development.

What is the most common question you get from customers?

The guests always come with different conditions. Frequently asked questions are about time, fatigue and coffee.

You guide in Trosa and the surrounding area. Why should you come to you and cycle?

We have cycling for all target groups. For those who want to cycle calmly and enjoy a winding path in the forest or roll on gravel to the more advanced Enduro trail and everything in between. We have a varied nature with everything from deep forest, clear lakes to the outermost sea belt. Then the city of Trosa is in itself a reason to come here and experience. What we can add is a nature experience located near Stockholm. 

What is your favorite round when you take a bike ride yourself?   

I like to cycle on forest paths in the shade of trees or take a walk near the sea and feel the scents of the sea. You usually find me on a path in the woods. I can use the gravel roads as part of the trip, then I enjoy the rapeseed fields, really old oaks, meadows or a quiet lake. I love the variety of our landscape.