Archipelago and beautiful cycle paths in Valdemarsvik

In Valdemarsvik, the sea meets land in a way that attracts lots of visitors. Gryt's archipelago, which is located nearby, has a very special sound for many. Business developer Sarah Åkerblom highlights nature and beautiful cycle paths as strong reasons to pay a visit. In addition, there is a market garden in Gryt, which she describes as one of the favorite places on earth. We at Sweden by Bike are happy to start a collaboration with Sarah and together with the local companies highlight Valdemarsvik as a destination for cycling tourists. 

You have recently become a business developer in Valdemarsvik municipality. One of the areas that you have chosen to prioritize is cycling and cycling tourism. Can you tell me why?

My assessment is that I will take over in an area that is already popular in our municipality. It would be cool to make it even more digital, more professional and package it - for the visitor in Valdemarsvik to find all the strawberry places that are hiding out in the terrain. There are very beautiful trails and roads, with very little traffic, which it is a joy to get along. There we will make sure that everyone finds. 

Why do you think the cyclists come to you in Valdemarsvik? 

The landscape, of course. We have a fjord (yes - Valdemarsviken is actually classified as a fjord), the only one along the East Coast as far as I know. We have the archipelago, meadows and pastures, lakes and fences that meet the forest. We have an enormously beautiful nature! Where the sea meets land is always special, a special culture, mentality and lifestyle - which is found here. 

Cyclists move a lot and like to have coffee. Do you have tips on some good places?

In fact, I would like to suggest something completely different - Gryts handelsträdgård & butik. Buy a freshly harvested sun-ripened tomato there instead - much tastier than coffee bread! When I was little, we cycled there and put money in a box for a fresh tomato. Today it is a thriving (figuratively speaking) commercial garden and it can be one of my favorite places on earth!