Many people associate Valdemarsvik with the sea. Gryts and Tjust's beautiful archipelagos with peaceful bays, marinas and several boat lines that take you out to the islands. Here there are small rural roads, sights that can be easily reached by bicycle, mountain bike trails and of course the proximity to the sea. This means that Valdemarsvik is just as suitable for families with children as for those interested in culture or a group of friends who want a proper training session on the bike.

This is where Östergötland and Småland meet. The city's name comes from Valdemarsviken, which is actually the only real fjord along Sweden's east coast (a fjord has been created by erosion from ice sheets or a glacier). The location at the bottom of the bay is sheltered and favorable for shipping. Here you will find lively agricultural landscapes with grazing animals, oak groves and beach meadows with a distinctive vegetation. You who like football can take a walk past the house on Järnvägsgatan 8 where Nils Liedholm was born. Among other things, the boy from Valdemarsvik managed to score goals for Sweden in a World Cup final!

The cycling offers a small-scale beaded ribbon of attractions. History truly is alive in the traditional countryside. Your journey through time can begin with ancient remains from the Stone Age and continue via museums that show centuries of proud industrial history up to fishing villages with picturesque pilot cottages along the coast. The craft tradition lives on and attracts artists. Take a look at the statue, for example Young girl face to face which is located on the pier in Fyruddens hamn, a separate variant of The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen.

Getting Here

Östgötatrafiken's lines 459 and 46 operate the E22 from Söderköping, on to Valdemarsvik and 464 further out towards Gryt and Fyrudden.

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