Cycling in Eskilstuna - tips on trips for both recreation and exercise

Eskilstuna is the type of city that is perfect to experience on a bike ride. The distances are reasonably long, the surroundings are beautiful and there is a lot to experience both for the children and the slightly older ones who like the history of the old town. As early as the 12th century, the area became the center of the cult around the saint Sankt Eskil who gave the city its name.

Those who want to relax and at the same time see much of the city's surroundings can with advantage follow the Eskilstuna River out towards Vilsta where the Sports Hotel is located. There are good mountain bike trails, different types of accommodation and lots of activities to do. A little turn on the forest paths behind the ski slope perhaps? When we ask Helen Strömberg, who is a destination developer in Eskilstuna, about expert tips on behalf of the family with children, there is no doubt

For families with children, the Lion Round is of course a given bike ride, and why not make a stop at Parken Zoo and watch real lions.

The lion round is 14 kilometers long and is marked with signs with a lion paw that makes it extra exciting to follow. It runs both through the city and in the beautiful surroundings. If you are interested in riding the Lion Round as a bicycle package, you can book Adventure for families with children via us.

If you are interested in history, art and culture, there are also great alternatives.

You can take a bike ride between our fine museums, but it is important to check the opening hours in advance. The City Museum, the Munktell Museum, the Art Museum and the Rademacher forges are not far from each other. Lagersbergs manor is one of Sweden's best-preserved Carolingian farms and is located at a reasonable cycling distance from the city. Then you end with a longer bike ride to Torshälla and visit the sculpture park. Here are works by, among others, Allan Ebeling and Bo Englund. Maybe you take a trip to Butikerna in Wäsby where there is a café and art gallery.

Helen Strömberg

Eskilstuna is located by Lake Mälaren. An exciting way to get to the city is with one of Rederi Mälarstaden's boats. We called Niclas Eriksson to find out if it is possible to bring the bike on board.

- Yes, it's going great! You can take the bike on all our trips. The crew is helpful in tying the bike to the foredeck. If you want to be sure that there is room for the bike, you are welcome to call 021-135171 and make a booking about the bike.

Shipping company Mälarstaden - MS Havsörnen

He has noticed that the number of cyclists is increasing and is happy to combine cycling with a trip on Lake Mälaren.

- It is popular to go from Västerås, by boat to Eskilstuna, then cycle home back to Västerås. The same goes from Eskilstuna to Strängnäs / Taxinge Slott or Mariefred and then cycle back. From Strängnäs we drive tours to Drottningholm Castle and Stockholm. Here it is also popular to take the boat one way and then the bike the other way.

Another place that Rederi Mälarstaden operates is Sundbyholm Castle. This 17th century castle is located on a headland by the shores of Lake Mälaren a little north of Eskilstuna. The client was Admiral Carl Carlsson Gyllenhielm. The castle has also made an impression in the form of being the motif for a fantastic painting by Prince Eugén called "The old castle". A wonderful excursion destination by bike of course.