"Cycling is a big part of the tourism of the future - in Södertälje we of course want to be on the train"

Late summer is approaching, and for those of you who enjoy cycling, you will find here inspiration for a bike ride in Södertälje and the surrounding area. A destination that has realized the benefits of cycling tourism and where excursion destinations can take you both at sea, along the excursion route and back to both the 19th century and the Viking Age.

We talk to Linda Färggren, project manager at Destination Södertälje about what we must not miss in the city.

Hello Linda! Which places to visit in Södertälje would you recommend to a visitor who rides a bicycle? Why not take a bike break, take a walk and feel as if you are for a short while in 19th century Södertälje at our open-air museum Torekällberget, or visit Södertälje center, here are shops, ice cream, a guest harbor and along the canal there is mini golf. Here is also s / s Ejdern, one of the world's oldest coal - fired steamships which, together with Strömma Kanalbolag, makes trips to, among other places. the Viking city of Birka. See more info at Destination Södertälje .

Linda Färggren

If we go out a bit outside the city itself, do you have any good tips on what you can cycle then?
You can cycle along the excursion route, from Södertälje center via Pershagen, Järna, Ytterjärna, to Royal Tullgarn. Along this road there are lots of lovely strawberry places to stop at, everything from places to eat, things to see, nature to discover, mushrooms and fishing places and fantastic bathing places. More inspiration and tips can be found here.

Why is Södertälje investing in bicycle tourism?
Cycling is a big part of the tourism of the future, both in Sweden and Europe and of course Södertälje wants to be on the train. In addition, cycling is good from several perspectives, for example. sustainable urban development and health promotion.

Do you have a favorite place that you usually cycle to? 
I usually take the bike to Korpberget, where I then climb to the top, set up a picnic and enjoy the silence, tranquility and a fantastic view of parts of Södertälje and Lake Mälaren.

For more tips on sights and excursions, please visit Södertälje's destination page! You can find it here.