A novice MTB cyclist's confessions - holiday week at Berg's farm

Just in time for the start of this year's summer holiday, we, six adults and six children aged zero to four, went to Bergs Gård outside Trosa to socialize, discover the farm and surrounding areas and of course - ride a MTB. Here you can read about how we experienced the visit and how we got a bleeding tooth for the fast-paced cycling in the forest.

Bergs gård is located just over a mile outside Trosa. The farm, which has been owned by the family for six generations, is today run by Frida and Magnus Jonsson. Magnus' great-great-great-great-grandfather took over the farm as early as 1827 and today it is run completely organically according to EU standards.

In addition to the MTB arena, the farm also has a farm shop and a café where Magnus and Frida sell the farm's own and locally produced raw materials. During our time on the farm we eat lunch here once, twice and three times. The own shop also sells organic beef from animals raised on the farm.

Cycling MTB on Berg's farm
Although I am one of two founders of Sweden by Bike, my hours on a mountain bike are not many. The same goes for most of our company. We therefore rented bicycles (conveniently via online booking) at Bergs Gård and gave us away. The MTB arena is located directly adjacent to the farm, which was very convenient for us who travel with small children where logistics are A and O. Here are several trails and loops of varying difficulty. As a happy novice, I started in the three tracks of the technology area to get to know the situation and try the bike. Pretty soon after that I went further out into the woods. It's tough, fun and gives more flavor!

As a parent of small children, I was unfortunately not allowed to enjoy my wife's company on the MTB trails in the woods, but her bruises on her legs and euphoric looks testify that it was certainly a tough fight on the slopes, but also that this will not be our last MTB vacation. Others in our company will surely try MTB again, and our friend Nike can (after a little lap in the woods) certify that it is also an excellent forest to look for blueberries in.

One of the technology courses at Bergs gård

Cycling with children
Those who got the most hours on the bike saddle during the week were without a doubt the three four-year-olds. Spring bikes and helmets are available to borrow for free for all children and before the end of the week, they have also ventured out into the real technology tracks with great enthusiasm. But there is also a small "children's course". For the children there are also other activities on the farm that are fun during the week. Countless times we feed the rabbits and chickens and say "hello" to the cows and sheep. There is also a playhouse, climbing wall, pedal tractors and trampoline to get rid of the energy on. 

My daughter Alicia, almost 4 years old, was a diligent cyclist during the week. Spring bikes and helmets can be borrowed free of charge on the farm. For the children who master cycling with pedals, mtb bikes are for rent.

Good starting point for other day trips
In addition to the activities on the farm, Berg's farm is very well planned for other excursions nearby if you, like us, make a longer visit to the farm. By car (or bicycle) you will quickly reach the beautiful excursion road and within an hour you will reach lots of pleasant excursions. Including Stendörren Nature Reserve and Nynäs Castle. Outside Nyköping we also found a real gem for our children: Palstorps Äventyrsgård and Skogsby. Highly recommended for families with children! Then of course a visit to Trosa, this picturesque and charming summer town, is to be recommended. There we snuggle around the city center, try the "sightseeing train" that goes through the city and the children play on the nice playground in the harbor. We end by eating delicious fish at the restaurant "Fina Fisken".

Well worth a visit this summer
I really recommend you who are curious about MTB (they also hold beginner courses), or at least also you who are aware of the situation already, to take a trip to Bergs Gård this summer. It is an excellent day trip as well as a place to stay one or more days. Both for beginners, with or without children, and for the slightly more avid MTB enthusiast. And for you who, just like us, get a little sore in the body after the walks in the woods, one last tip is to book the nice relaxation area! 

And to you who get the urge to run away right now - here you will find a bicycle package in the yard.

Thank you Magnus and Frida with staff, we will be back!

Ivan Glauser

Ivan, founder of Sweden by Bike and happy novice on the MTB saddle
(and who traveled completely "unsponsored" - should be said)