At Bergs Gård outside Trosa, there is not only varied trail cycling but a complete arena for you who want to train different parts of MTB. The single-track trails in the forest are signposted and there are different levels of difficulty to choose from.

Bergs Gård MTB-Arena is a complete technical area with three different landscaped courses that offer different types of interesting challenges. There is a pump track (track with many bumps where you pump yourself rather than pedal) with a jump line. A technology course with several different elements or "features". A so-called flow trail with cycling downhill with landscaped ramparts and undulating bends. Then 23 kilometers of nice trails and loops in the forest await. It is about single track (narrow paths), gravel road free and everything is designed, laid out and marked for MTB in different degrees of difficulty. You can easily rent a bike if you do not have your own.