As an active racing cyclist, he took the SM gold in tempo plus another twenty SM medals and has run the World Championships in both mountain biking and cycling cross country and road. As a coach, he has helped Jenny Rissved's Olympic gold 2016. For Sweden by Bike, Fredrik Ericsson says that it is good for beginners to practice a lot of MTB technology, that long-term pay pays off and about the training camps he arranges in Dalarna.  

It is a person who is a trained sports coach and who knows most about training and how the body works. He holds a master's degree in sports physiology and a bachelor's degree in sports pedagogy. He puts weight behind the words when he recommends cycling for those who want to feel better.

Why is MTB cycling a good form of exercise? 
It is gentle at the same time that you basically activate the whole body if you drive in terrain. All the energy travels longer distances and can see a lot, but still nature comes on the skin.

How much do you train yourself?
After a long elite career, it's just nice to just exercise. Nowadays, in average tubes, on average, five hours a week are seen over the year, a little more in the summer and a little less in the winter. Cycling, running, skiing and strength training are the main forms of training.

If one is to develop as an MTB rider, how much is fitness and how much is technology?
MTB is generally an endurance sport, but with a fairly large technical element. Most competition riders have reached the level where better technology gives little time gains, but better physics can still provide big improvements. As a beginner, I would say that the relationship is the opposite, that is, you get the most out of improving your technology, which normally also gives a better physics on the purchase because both technology exercises and cycling in technical terrain are physically demanding.

Do you have any tips on a bike exercise that is both useful and fun?
One of the exercises that gives the most, is useful in itself and usually fun is to learn to stand still in the place with the bike, so-called "track stand". Like what appears at the end of this video:

Let's say you enjoy cycling, preferably cycling a few miles a day during the holidays, but not an elite rider. How much and how often should you exercise per week to get to the next step?
Most exercisers have a limited amount of time for training, which means that almost all workouts fall within the range of 30 minutes to 2 hours. However, cycling is so gentle that even the right new cyclists will be able to run workouts that are 3, 4 or 5 hours long. Anyone who starts getting that type of passport will get a good exchange of these. It doesn't necessarily have to be so much more than a few such passes per month during the summer.

If there is ice and snow on the ground, do you have any good tips on how to stay fit in the winter?
First and foremost, snow and ice should not prevent you from cycling. Good clothes and a good winter bike with double decks and mudguards not only make cycling possible, but it is actually really fun and really good training. When the substrate is more sluggish and generally plump, it is possible to get tired in less time. Learning how to handle the bike on a surface that is slippery, sticky or in loose snow improves cycling technology, which will be of use throughout the year.

You arrange training trips in Sweden. What to do on such a trip?
Yes, we arrange both camps and passports for larger groups but also offer a small bicycle-adapted accommodation for up to five guests where we can tailor the content of the activities. Our base is in the bike town of Falun and our own little bed and breakfast is located in Grycksbo about 10 kilometers from town. Since we are basically a company that devotes itself to coaching and training for cyclists, our perhaps greatest strength is that we can handle from beginner to more advanced training. Mainly in country road and mountain bike but also velodrome, and Sweden's only velodrome is in Falun. However, we love all kinds of cycling and also offer pure guidance for those who just want to experience the fine cycling opportunities around Falun and maybe cozy up a little extra long at some nice cafe along the round. We are also working to get a good solution in place that allows us to offer good food linked to cycling and nature in connection with our own accommodation.

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Daniel Bergstrand

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