Between August 5 and 10, 2018, the Bike Tour Week will be held in Rättvik, Dalarna. The Bike Tour Week is an annual event organized by the local cycles in the Cycle Promotion. The idea is that members and others who like cycling get around in the current cycle of cycling in the days and socialize in festive forms in the evenings. We asked Lotta Backlund, who is a communicator at Stiftsgården in Rättvik, to tell us more about what is happening.

What happens when it comes to cycling during the week in general?
Inauguration will take place in Stiftsgården's courtyard on Sunday, August 5 at 17:00. Then there will be music, speech and nice mingle. Monday to Friday bicycle tours are offered in different parts of the municipality. There are three options every day; a shorter trip of about 2-3 miles, a medium trip of about 3-5 miles and a longer trip of about 5-8 miles. However, all these day trips go in the same direction for each day.

What other activities are arranged?
Wednesday is a communal picnic with music from the neighborhood and lunch. Friday evening is the closing dinner at Rättvik Park with food and music entertainment.

What does it mean for Rättvik that you have had the Bike Tour Week?
It is an honor that we have been able to arrange the Bike Tour Week. Participants will get to experience Rättvik's beautiful community and nice villages during the week's different day trips. Every landscape that is worth the week clearly puts its own mark, so of course we will showcase our rich cultural heritage, the beautiful valley scenery and the people of the countryside.

You have your own bike packages that start from Stiftsgården. Can you tell us about them?
We offer both bicycle packages where you live, eat and cycle around on your own as well as bicycle packages which include guided tours. Regardless, there is the opportunity to experience unique village environments, exciting geology, rich cultural heritage, local craft tradition, beautiful views and wonderful people.

Read more about Cycle Tour Week here.

The photo at the top was taken by Martin Litens, Rättvik Municipality.

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