Planning and cooperation made the Sörmland bicycle package a success

They are two successful entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry in Södermanland who collaborate on a bicycle package called "Between Herrgård & Skärgård". According to Clara Grill at Runnvikens Pensionat in Tystberga and Sandra Svensson at Marinans Guesthouse in Nävekvarn, one explanation is that the package is so popular that the route is both well-planned and beautiful. They equally agree that cyclists are very nice guests. 

Together, you have developed a very nice bicycle package called "Between Herrgård & Skärgård" where you have connected places to visit and your activities with the help of bicycles. What is your experience so far? 

It's fun to receive cyclists. The vast majority who come are satisfied with today's experiences and satisfied with their achievements, says Sandra. 

We really get very nice, nature-loving guests who book this package. It is important that we who collaborate on the package: Runnvikens Pensionat, Marinans Guesthouse, Fridens Trädgård, and Hellmanska Gården have the same ambitions and are fast in communication between us, says Clara. 

Clara Grill runs Runnvikens Pensionat, which is located in the countryside about 20 km outside Nyköping.

The bike package is much appreciated and popular. Why do you think you have received such a good response from customers?

We put a lot of work into putting the package together before we launched it. The routes are well planned and we give all cyclists a clear directions before they leave. The bike rides are beautiful and varied and Nävekvarn and Runnviken are beautiful destinations in two quite different ways, says Sandra. 

That's right and we have tested the distance ourselves by bike. I think that is very important. Then, as Sandra says, we have made an accurate description of the trip and have a review with the guests before they cycle away, says Clara. 

In Nävekvarn by the mighty Bråviken you live at Marinans Guesthouse which is run by Sandra Svensson.

There are many sights and nice places to stop along the way. Do you have your own personal favorite?  

Koppartorp with its church, homestead and Simonsberget is a super nice place where cyclists come on day two. During hot summer days, the detour down to Västra Kovik is my absolute favorite, says Sandra. 

The package offers a wonderful bike ride with many nice places. When it comes to culture, Tistad Castle is a favorite, when it comes to nature, I choose Gälkhyttedammen, says Clara.