In the shadow of covid-19, more and more people have discovered home holidays - and that many choose to cycle in their free time has been noticed well in Eskilstuna. Here, interest in both cycling and other nature experiences has increased markedly. We took the opportunity and get tips from Helen Strömberg from Visit Eskilstuna about which cycling rounds she likes to cycle like this in late summer and the coming autumn.

These have been difficult times for tourism, but many bicycles. Have you noticed it in Eskilstuna? 
Yes, I agree that it has been and still is a difficult time for tourism and the hospitality industry as a whole, due to Covid -19. Our visitors have for the most part consisted of national guests and then mainly from the local area. Very many have accepted the call for a holiday and a holiday, and we have noticed a marked increase in questions regarding nature experiences, including cycling experiences and cycle paths, which is very gratifying. Cycling and nature experiences are also Corona-safe activities as they take place outdoors and are usually performed individually or in small groups.

It is very nice to cycle along the Eskilstuna River. Do you have any other nice tips on a bike ride in your area?
In Eskilstuna we have several nice bike paths and trails in beautiful and varied environments, usually also easy to cycle. I can warmly recommend Lejonrundan, which is a 14 km family-friendly cycle path that goes through varied nature and through Eskilstuna city center. For more active cycling with mountain biking, I recommend a ride in Odlarskogen's mountain bike trail or the mile trail in Vilsta Friluftsområde, both rides offer a challenge in hilly terrain.

If you want a longer day trip or a trip with an overnight stay, I recommend Strandleden, a 50 km long cycle path that offers a water-sparkling trip around Sörfjärden, a bay in Lake Mälaren. The trip can also be combined with an overnight stay at a hotel where after a nice day on the bike you end with a wonderful dinner - a perfect experience to enjoy or to give as a gift to someone. Especially now in late summer when nature shows off its beautiful splendor of color.

There are some nice bike-friendly accommodations in Eskilstuna. Do you think cycling tourism will grow in the coming years? 
We have several bike-friendly hotels in Eskilstuna and the surrounding area, both centrally located and also some that are a bit on the outskirts with nature and bike paths close by. I definitely believe that cycling tourism will continue to grow and increase in the coming years, both nationally and internationally based on the increased demand for cycling in our area.

Many nice bike packages and tips on accommodation in the area can be found here.

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