With (bicycle) heart in Lofsdalen

In this article, you will not meet one but two passionate and passionate cyclists with a heart in Lofsdalen - Kalle Ström and Amanda Teilus. They both offer inspiration, knowledge and favorite rounds for you who also long for nature this summer and who are a little extra curious about Lofsdalen.

First we say hello to you Amanda! You work as a team leader in the sports rental in Lofsdalen. And we also know that you are a passionate cyclist. What trends do you see in cycling?

Above all, how cycling reaches a wider audience. There is something for everyone and more and more people dare to try - both downhill, mountain biking and in general that more people find their way to the mountains with their bikes. For example, we have had many beginners in our bike park, not just avid cyclists. More cyclists are simply being created!

Amanda Teilus

What lessons have you learned from the cycling summer of 2020 that were all-time-high in every way?

The cycling summer of 2020 was special in several ways. The pandemic and the increased number of visitors made us rethink and find smarter ways to work. Working as much as possible outdoors made it easier for both us and the guests, which is something we as the bike rental have with us this summer and in the future.

What is your favorite lap when you take a bike ride?   

Wow, how difficult. I ride a lot with a dog and then I like the simplicity of taking a lap on the electric light track where we have plenty of space. Otherwise, Stenrutsleden here in Lofsdalen is very nice. If you, like me, think it's hard uphill, you can take an electric bike, so you have energy left for the fun.

We say thank you to Amanda and then a new hello to Kalle Ström:

Kalle Ström

Kalle, you lead the work with the operational construction of bicycle paths in Lofsdalen and are just like Amanda also a passionate cyclist. What can you expect as a cyclist in Lofsdalen? What is so special about the bike paths that you build?

I answer based on the new path area on the north side where I am the supervisor - the area is fantastically beautiful in the tree line and it is something we are really trying to take advantage of. Partly by building a 2.5 km accessibility-adapted trail that really gives everyone the chance to experience the mountain's nature and views. Then we invest heavily in integrating the trails into nature. It should not be 1.5 m wide dug joints. It should be a little narrower but still flowing machine-dug paths that really blend into nature and give that real mountain feeling.

You yourself are a passionate cyclist who loves to be outside. What is your favorite lap when you take a bike ride?

On a free evening you will find me performing one of our hidden gems on the south side of the lake which is not excellent on the bike maps. Old-fashioned downhill on a slope in a fast, noisy crowd.