The fantastic Swedish mountain world is today accessible to cyclists. Fresh air, miles of views of magnificent nature and inspiring terrain for mountain biking. In southern Härjedalen in Jämtland County there is a true gem in the form of Lofsdalen. A small village with great opportunities both in terms of downhill and "horizontal" trail cycling on trails. Here, the family with children finds the summer adventure at Lofsdalen Bike Park and the mtb trails give the skilled cyclist the opportunity to climb so that the technique is challenged and it is felt in the thighs.

In the Middle Ages, pilgrimage was a major phenomenon throughout Europe. It is said that Lofsdalen got its name from the fact that pilgrims on their way to Nidaros in Trondheim, Norway, sang praises to God when they saw the beautiful view of the valley. You do not have to be religiously inclined to feel elated in the fantastic landscape. For cyclists with a liking for mountain biking, Lofsdalen is simply a little paradise.

The big mountain is called Hovärken. In winter it is used for downhill skiing and since a few years back there is Lofsdalen Bike Park with trails for the lift cage downhill bicycle. They suit families, beginners and intermediate skiers best. The trails are designed by specialists Gravity Lodgic from Canadian Whistler and offer long fine rides. Up the slopes you travel comfortably and safely with a six-seater lift. There are staff on site to help park visitors get on and off the bikes. An appreciated feature among the younger ones is the park's so-called pump track. Of course there is bicycle rental and the possibility to rent protective equipment.    

Mountainbike is constantly evolving in Lofsdalen. In Lofsdalen Fjällpark MTB new trails are being built and on the existing Stenrutsleden MTB you can cycle both in the forest and up on the high mountains. The trail is graded blue and many nice sights are offered along the route. It is best suited for cyclists in good shape with good technique. There are also shorter trails for trail cycling intended for families with children and plenty of bike cross trails on pathways, gravel and roads.

Regarding accommodation there is a lot to choose from according to your preferences. Mountain cabins of different sizes and standards. There is also camping and shops.

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