Customer satisfaction is at the peak when Swedish bicycle tourism is increasing

We see that Swedish bicycle tourism is increasing. The cycle travel season in Sweden is over and Sweden by Bike notes that the number of booking requests increased by 11 % in July 2019 compared to the same period last year (approx. 9 % increase for the entire season). Those who go on a cycling holiday in Sweden are happy with their choice. Customer reviews on Sweden by Bike had as high an average rating as 4.3 out of 5 possible.

As the summer of 2018 was unusually hot and rain-free, it is a sign of Swedish bicycle tourism that Sweden by Bike's bookings increased by 11 percent compared to the corresponding period 2018.

             - The interest in cycling in Sweden during the holidays continues to increase. As in previous years, Skåne is most popular, but also the West Coast and Bergslagen are popular bicycle tourism destinations. We are proud that the average grade is as high as 4.3 in average. There are several different parameters that are considered, such as cycling experience, food and accommodation. Therefore, a lot is required for a high overall rating, says Katarina Bergstrand, CEO of Sweden by Bike.

Concerns about climate change and the debate about air travel have probably contributed to an increased interest in cycling in Sweden during the holidays.

             - Bicycle tourists are probably aware of environmental issues, but you should also remember that today's bicycle trips can be quite gold-edged. Many are in demand for comfortable living and want a high level of food and drink. In addition, they are buoyant and studies in other countries show that they shop a lot in cities they visit, says Katarina Bergstrand.

The picture shows cyclists along the Eskilstuna river. Photo: Ulf Huett

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