Don't be in a hurry when cycling far

For graphic designer and designer Dick Norberg, long-cycling provides a satisfaction similar to yoga. In September he went from Stockholm down to Kalmar. A good advice for anyone who wants to do a similar tour is to pack light and wash often.  

You cycled from Stockholm to Kalmar in Småland in September 2019. How many miles did it become?

From Stockholm via the sub-goals of my trip: Kråksmåla, Drageryd plus some other villages in Småland, to the final destination Kalmar it was just over 60 km.

When you cycle long distances in Sweden, do you think it is good to find roads that are not too heavily traveled by cars?

Sure it happens that you end up on busy roads at some point, but most often it is because you have cycled wrong, had to hurry, either for the moment, or with the planning of that day's cycling.

You have cycled many long trips in Sweden and abroad. What do you like best about leaving?

Even we humans today live in bodies adapted and created for the needs of hunter and gatherer humans 10,000 thousands of years ago. When you ride long bikes you find a satisfaction, similar to some kind of yoga, in both the head and muscles, which cannot be found in any other way. Think it has something to do with our basic needs.

What was it like to cycle in Smaland?

Not at all just woods that I thought, there was plenty of open countryside too.

Do you have any good tips for those who are craving a long trip in Sweden?

Do not take too much packing, for example, I usually wash every night during the trip. This saves you six changes in your bike bag in one week.

(Image: Dick Norberg)