First class bicycle storage in hotel

Those who enjoy cycling on holiday will love Scandic Elmia in Jönköping. There is not only a well-equipped bicycle storage room at the hotel. You can choose a room where you can bring your bike and hang it on the wall.

One of the reasons why Scandic Elmia is so far ahead when it comes to safe bicycle storage is actually a triathlon. Specifically, a triathlon attended by the hotel's director Katarina Boustedt last year.

             - It made me see the needs when it comes to, for example, living from the cyclist's perspective. Since then I have been to Mallorca and seen their solutions for bicycle tourism, says Katarina Boustedt.

The key words when developing the hotel's bicycle storage were safety, simplicity and accessibility. Today, many people enjoy fine bicycles that cost a lot. Then the sense of security is important.

Katarina Boustedt, General Manager, Scandic Elmia & Portals

             - In the hotel industry we talk about different "features" and to bring the bike with you when you are out alone or in a group is such a "feature". It is very fun to be able to offer it.

In the bicycle storage room there is also the opportunity to borrow tools and to wash the bike.

Scandic Elmia caters to all different categories of cyclists. Those who ride on "regular" bikes, the racers and those who prefer mountain biking. During the spring, the hotel will be visited by participants at a bicycle camp to use the bicycle facilities. Katarina Boustedt, who is also director of Scandic Portal in Jönköping, feels that bicycle tourism is growing in Sweden.

             - When you, like me, live in Gothenburg and see all these people as bicycle commuters, you understand that something is happening. It's about how you live and feel. When it comes to tourism, cycling is a new and very special way of experiencing things.

Katarina Boustedt is sure that Sweden is becoming more and more interesting to the rest of Europe when it comes to outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking and cycling. During the Swedish Bicycle Fair in Gothenburg, she was at the seminar Bicycle Tourism Days, which Sweden by Bike arranges, and noticed that the different Swedish destinations experience the same.

- It was really something that triggered me, to be at the seminar and hear about Swedish cycling tourism. Structures and society need some time for change, but we in the business community can catch up with this trend fairly quickly. And now I hope that the bicycle tourists find us at Scandic Elmia, which has chosen to become Bicycle - friendly accommodation at Sweden by Bike.

Daniel Bergstrand