Cycling all year round is becoming more attractive

More and more people take their bikes to work even in winter. It seems the extended cycling season is spilling over into the off time as well. As a result, we are increasing our own range of cycling packages designed for both the autumn and winter seasons. In fact, these packages have been given their own label

We asked Ivan Glauser who is co-founder of Sweden by Bike how to find autumn and winter packages on the site?

The easiest way to find the autumn and winter packs is to look out for the new 'snowflake' symbol on We've also added a search function so you can filter by season based on date. Then you go to the website and select "Bike package" in the main menu. Then click on "Filter" and select "Period" at the top of the page. There you can then select a date in a calendar and find a cycling trip in, for example, November. We will expand filtering and search functions even more as time goes on. This makes it easier for our customers and visitors to quickly find exactly what suits them. 

And then we asked Katarina Bergstrand, who is the CEO, if it is a trend that the number of packages intended for autumn and winter at Sweden by Bike is increasing in number.

We have seen a cautious increase in wanting to book cycle packages in early spring and late autumn/winter for a longer period of time. It can be absolutely fantastic to cycle even in the winter and live comfortably, eat well and maybe take a relaxing sauna after the cycle ride. Many people cycle to work and school in winter. We don't have exact figures on that, but we feel that it has increased and there won't be fewer people taking the bike considering high petrol prices and inflation. After all, we are in a climate crisis and considering the high temperatures in summer in Europe, a winter holiday by bike can probably be experienced as both enticing and exotic. There won't be as large volumes as cycling in the summer, but just by producing a nice selection, we think it can lead to bookings.