"The bike trail sides a big lift"

One of the founders and responsible for web design at Sweden by Bike is Ivan Glauser. He is constantly trying to get into the user's situation as he develops the technology. 

When you are good at web design yourself, how do you go about making a website easy to use even for those who are not so used to computers?
I constantly try to think from the perspective of the users and make the content as clear and relevant as possible. For this reason, for example, there should not be too many ads, and it is important that the site is responsive and adapts to the user's screen size so that it is as useful on desktop as on mobile. It should be easy to click through to the information the visitor is looking for.

Is there any property at swedenbybike.com that you are particularly pleased with?
As I see it, the new bicycle pages were a big boost for those who want to go out and ride on their own. On larger screen sizes, the map is shown on the right, which makes it easy to see where somewhere bike packages, attractions and more are located anywhere on the map.

Do you have any other smart feature you can tell users about?
We have integrated Google's search tool on the bike path pages, which makes it possible to get things like museums, bike repair shops and cafes directly on the map. This makes it easier to plan your cycle route and identify stops and sights along the way.

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