Eskilstuna is an exciting cycling destination with a living history. Here you will find attractions such as the Munktell Museum with workshop history, the Park Zoo and the atmospheric Old Town with food and drink. Most of it is within a reasonable distance in a city where music parties, guided city tours, where Kent memorabilia is available and where you can enjoy fresh bumblebees at Eskilstuna Beer Culture.

A perfect way to get to know Eskilstuna is to cycle around the city along an easy-cycled route where you pass places such as the Park Zoo, Tunavallen, Stadsparken, Sörmlandsgården and the Rademachers forges in Eskilstuna's Old Town. The cultivation landscape in Sundbyholm has a long history. Here people have shaped nature and left their tracks since the Viking Age. It's the famous Victory carving an example. The rock carvings tell of Sigurd who killed the dragon Fafner. Torshälla is an excursion gem a bit outside Eskilstuna. The city has a rich cultural heritage, which is especially noticeable when the artist Allan Ebeling's sculptures adorn the city.

In connection with Eskilstuna there are several major bike trails such as the Näckrosleden, Mälardalsleden and Strandleden. You who enjoy mountain biking can take you to Odlaren where there is a special trail, and the mile round at Vilsta. You can rent a bike at Sporthyra in Vilsta.

Leo Round
Cycling on the embankment
Mountain bike trail in Odlaren
Guided tours in Eskilstuna

Photographer top image: Edis Potori

Getting here

Bicycles may be taken free of charge, subject to availability on the new Mälar trains. read more here.

Sörmlands traffic
Bikes are allowed to be taken free of charge, subject to a maximum of two per bus. On the city buses and county buses in Södermanland and Västmanland you cannot bring a bicycle. read more here

Shipping company Mälarstaden
Bicycles may be brought subject to space on the boat from Sundbyholm. read more here.

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