Pandora mixes the world scene with cycling weather

As a celebrated Techno Queen with tours in many different parts of the world, Anneli "Pandora" Magnusson has learned to be solution-oriented and persistent. Skills that she brings with her when she now both shifts up and saddles for her new career as a colorful cycling guide. Pandora tells Sweden by Bike why.

Why did you choose to become a cycling guide?
I love the flexibility, energy and opportunities that cycling provides! As an artist, parent and self-employed person, I need to keep both my head and body strong and happy! All people need it. I do it through cycling. In addition, I have long considered a complement to the art profession with late nights in an environment where people are often drunk. There are not always the right conditions to meet for real. Bicycle guide for me is a way to hopefully meet my "happy audience" in an intoxicating outdoor environment in small groups and in a "more intimate" way where the conversation can also take place. This regardless of whether you just want to find a meaningful leisure activity or think that Pandora as an icon and pioneer for the 90s genre Eurodance can inspire with its history.

You are known from the world of music. Are there any experiences from there that you benefit from when guiding people on bicycles?
Any number! Positive energy! The habit of dealing with people in a group, the security thinking, the "entertainment" and that every person, day and place entails new challenges. After almost 30 years as a touring artist, many of which travel within Sweden, Asia, Germany, Finland and Australia, I have built up great understanding, patience and love for life, people and culture. Solution-oriented is my second name! 

Is there anything about the artistry that can be nice to pause?
I am an artist first and foremost, and in that world, appearance, style and fashion are important. I cycle for fun and can therefore cost me to be a little more unpretentious when it comes to what is "right" or not when it comes to equipment, clothes, etc. in the cycling world. In fact, I find it liberating to NOT have to think about being "right" for once, but just enjoy cycling and nature! 

What kind of tours and environments do you like the most when cycling?
I really enjoy cycling in quiet forests, on forest paths or landscaped (easy to medium) MTB tracks with velodromes and partly technical sections where I can develop in my cycling. Then I love gravel road in combination with beautiful nature, meadows, lakes, sea. Another thing I like is different culinary taste experiences, music / cultural and historical sights. I have roots in Jämtland and Finland, so I would love trips to northern and Finnish mountains and food traditions in the future!

More information about Anneli can be found here.