Does government funding for bicycle infrastructure work?

On May 16, a breakfast seminar on cycling, social economy and financing will be held at the Maritime Administration in Stockholm. We asked the moderator Pelle Envall from the Traffic Investigation Agency to tell us what issues will be dealt with.

Who benefits from coming and listening?
People who are interested in how cycling can contribute to a better society. Those who feel that they dare not cycle in their city because it feels dangerous and unsafe to share space with large and heavy motor vehicles. Those who are afraid to get their bicycle stolen because of lack of good bicycle parking.

Why do you raise specific funding for bicycle infrastructure during breakfast?
There is a great need to invest in the bicycle infrastructure in Sweden to make it safer and to make cycling a more enjoyable experience. An analysis carried out by the Traffic Investigation Agency estimates that the cost of developing bicycle lanes in decided Swedish bicycle plans is SEK 40 billion. At the seminar we would like to discuss the role of the state in the future to ensure that infrastructure investments in bicycles can be implemented. Does the state's financing system work well or does it need to be changed to facilitate cycling infrastructure financing?

Is there any other country that Sweden can learn from?
There are several countries to learn from. Some examples are Norway, the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands. These countries have come further in understanding and acting to build up competence for the development of good quality bicycle infrastructure and to coordinate marketing and infrastructure measures so that people receive information and want to try out offers for new bicycle lanes that are being built. At present, it is not clear which countries will be mentioned during the seminar, but as I said, there are several countries that Sweden can learn from.

Date: May 16
Breakfast time seminar: 08: 00-09: 00 (breakfast from 07:30)
Place: Sjöfartshuset, Skeppsbron 10, Stockholm
organizers: Traffic Research Agency, Swedish Cycling Cities, Cykelfrämjandet, Swedish Cycling
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