With the right preparations, it can be fantastic to cycle around Sweden's largest lake. Nice roads, beautiful views and lots of quality cycling with a "stage race feeling". If you are a group of friends who do it together, it will also be an uplifting social experience.  

We interviewed Mats Rönnbacka, BikeinBergslagen, who has been involved in putting together the set-up with bicycle packages in different comfort levels to cycle around Lake Vänern in-house. What experience do you want to give the person who books these packages?

The experience of doing something for three days that is among the best you can do, cycling! The experience of experiencing the nature around Lake Vänern for long days and the beautiful roads that the trip takes. The experience of just focusing on your cycling with your closest friends, or newfound friends, while getting everything served during the day and between the days. 

Most people know about the Vättern Round. What is it like to cycle around Lake Vänern in comparison?

Cycling around Sweden's largest lake is like cycling around Lake Vättern more than twice, but in three days and on much more fun roads! It feels like you are in a stage race or a cycling adventure. Cycling around Lake Vänern is three days of enjoyment, instead of one day. 

These are quite demanding stages. How fit do you think you should be to cycle around Lake Vänern for a few days?

You do not need to be super fit physically, but you do need to be enduring and "saddle". The more you have ridden the bike during the spring, the more fun it will be around Lake Vänern. It can be good to train a few times during the spring to run long sessions two to three days in a row. By that I mean 10-15 miles per day. 

You are also a really good mountain biker. What is the charm of road cycling?

All types of cycling are fun. Mountain biking, gravel and road cycling! I think the fascination with road cycling is that you get around relatively quickly in the landscape. You get a feeling of traveling. I love the feeling of rolling into small villages and towns during their bike ride. If you also cycle in a small group, it will be socially fantastically nice as you can talk to each other during the trip.

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