Constantly increasing interest in Järvsö Mountain Bike Park

Järvsö Mountain Bike Park has come to have a very special meaning for those who like downhill and mountain biking. The number of visits is steadily increasing and Lars Ek Lööv, who is one of the founders, believes that the next big trend will be XC. In addition to the magical nature around Järvsö, he likes to head to Canadian Whistler or Glentress in Scotland when he gets new inspiration.    

You are the CEO of JBP. You are also a passionate cyclist. What trends do you see in cycling?

Yes passionate or not, I think it's incredibly fun that so many fun bike paths are being built around the country. Then I hope that most of what is built are lightly cycled trails so that as many as possible can come out and feel how wonderful it is to cycle on a path in the forest. And in the next step be able to move on to the next level of joint. With us here in Järvsö, we see a big increase in all disciplines we have, such as downhill, XC and pump track. I think that light XC cycling will be the trend that will increase greatly in the coming years. 

What lessons have you learned from the cycling summer of 2020 that were all-time-high in every way?

We increased 20 percent in terms of the number of visitors in 2020. I think we were well prepared for the 2020 season, despite the fact that the pandemic initially addressed how we would deal with our guests. We have the advantage that it is summer and that we can have the guests in line outside our rental. It is the cramped sector. When everyone should have what they have rented in the morning, it is a bit of a hurry.

I also think that we have made everything clearer this year, everything from information about rules, risks and signs to where to pick up your rented equipment. We have done this to make it the most fun and easiest place in Sweden to come and visit as a cyclist. Whether you are a beginner or experienced.

What is your favorite place when you take a bike ride yourself?

Järvsö with all the cycling that is here of course! But getting to places like Whistler in Canada and Glentress in Scotland is absolutely fantastic. It gives energy to continue to do more and even better leads here at home. Then there are some gold nuggets in the area around Järvsö that will be opened for cycling soon. They are magical, nature is so cool that you just want to stop and enjoy how beautiful it is.


Downhill = cycling with a mountain bike down a trail on a mountain.

XC = "Horizontal" cycling with a mountain bike on paths through the landscape. XC is an abbreviation for English Cross Country.

Pumptrack = cycling on a special track with height differences where you "pump" yourself forward rather than pedaling.