Obviously invest in bicycle tourism in Köping

Köping is located at the innermost bay of Lake Mälaren. Here there are deep forests, swimming opportunities, lots of exciting history and not least the KUJ track which offers fine asphalt cycling right through the fertile landscape. For Annelie Hedvall, head of tourism, it is a matter of course to invest in bicycle tourism.

What attractions would you recommend to a cycling tourist who is looking for Köping and its surroundings?
For those who like history, I can recommend the kringel-crooked country road to the rock carvings in Hållesta, Västmanland's largest rock carving with about 200 figures. Or you take the turn to Korslöt skans, one of our fine ancient castles. If you want to take care and combine with a little bath, a bike ride to Lake Mälaren's beaches is not long.

Köping, bicycle tourismWhy has the municipality of Köping decided to invest in bicycle tourism?
We want to protect natural and open-air tourism, and have it included in our political goals. So investing in cycling is not difficult. Then the conditions are so good. We have lakes, forests and beautiful open countryside, and there are easy-cycled nice roads to places to visit with great natural and cultural values.

The municipality has also expanded MTB tracks in recent times, including in the Karlberg forest. Do you notice an increased interest in MTB?
Not so much so far, it's very new and we haven't launched them that much yet. But we have also continued the expansion of MTB tracks in the Skaftestaskogen forest, which will be completed later in 2018.

Where are you looking for yourself if you want to take a bike excursion in the home area?
I have some nice strawberry spots that I like to see a few times a year. Everyday there is often a round for exercise, sometimes with an evening snack in the bike basket. When I get sneezing about a flowering flax field, I cycle there, because it is so beautiful.

If you are going out into the world and cycling?
The dream is to be long-suffering and give me a bike ride. Like Scotland, then maybe the North Sea Cycle Route.

Köping, StröbohögCycling tips in Köping:
Sweden by Bike has cycled what is called the KUJ track in Köping. The name comes from a railway that was first called Köping-Uttersberg Railway (KUJ) and was completed as early as 1866. It was extended and changed its name to Köping-Uttersberg-Riddarhyttans Järnväg (KURJ) 1911. The last freight train was on the railroad in 1968. Today, large parts are off the lane cycle path. Partly it is paved and very light cycled. For example, if you want to cycle from Köping to Kohlswa Herrgård north of the city, you can use the KUJ track a large part of the road. On the way from Köping to the track you pass the pompous burial mound in Ströbo.