Those who are looking for a varied adventure with cycling as a feature can go to Tivedstorp near Tiveden National Park. This is the start of the Ekoloppet, which stretches through beautiful natural areas in Tiveden, northern Lake Vättern and parts of Östergötland. Sweden by Bike asked Michael Malmborg, who is CEO of NOA Nordic Outdoor Adventures and organizer of Ekoloppet, to tell more.

You run the Ekoloppet, which is an adventure race. What awaits the person who registers?

An adventure and a fantastic experience around northern Lake Vättern with hiking or trail running, canoeing and cycling. Participants in the competition class drive the distances in one go, a total of 126 kilometers. 

You also have an Outdoor Class for those who want to complete the race at their own pace. Can you tell us a little more about how it works?

Outdoor class runs the same distance as the competition class, but at a slower pace for two days. Participants have their own provisions for meals and equipment for overnight stays. Here, Ekoloppet is more focused on experience and the opportunity to be able to enjoy magnificent surroundings. 

You are a good cyclist yourself. Can you suggest a personal favorite round in your area?

An excellent round is actually the track on which Ekoloppet's bicycle section runs. The distance is 79 kilometers and goes from Askersund via Åmmeberg and Zinkgruvan to Krassbäck Godgård round trip. It is perfect for MTB or gravel.

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