Close to nature by bike

Next to Vilsta Sporthotell in Eskilstuna is an agent shop for Sporthyra Eskilstuna. Director Jussi Ekola clearly notices that demand for rental bikes is increasing. The area of use can range from cycling the Vätternrundan to enjoying the silence of a local nature reserve.

Cycling is on the rise throughout the country and it is also noticed at Sporthyra Eskilstuna at Vilsta Sporthotell.
- It is definitely increasing and during the year electric bicycles have come up as an alternative for the bicycle tourist. We had no such 2017, but probably think about it. Otherwise, it is mainly racing bikes for the Vätternrundan and other smaller races nearby that are rented out, both for training and execution, says Jussi Ekola.
Mountain bikes are also rented out, and those who ride MTB often rent in groups.
- Many rent to try, and then run fairly fast and buy an MTB after trying to rent. The standard bicycles we rent are used mostly by campers and residents at Vilsta Sporthotell and hostels.

There is a rich selection of physical activities at Vilsta Sporthotell. One way to get people cycling is to offer good maps.
- For several years we have had bicycle orientation maps that tourists and local residents use to find the smaller excursion destinations. For 2018, we have planned to change the maps and extend the routes to the excursion destinations, as the cycling flier can easily travel longer distances than before, depending on the development of the bicycles in the form of comfort, gear system and so on, says Jussi Ekola.

He says that the most popular excursion destinations are Sundbyholm and various nature reserves nearby.
- For example, Skiren-Kvicken, the area around Bälgviken and various wetlands. Many people like the fantastic forest roads that Sörmland offers with alternating forests of pine, spruce and birch. There are open, flat landscapes and sometimes really demanding hilly terrain. We find ourselves in one of Eskilstuna's finest areas; Vilsta Sport and Leisure Center is widely known among nature and the outdoors.