Many gold grains for small and large cyclists in Västra Mälardalen

In Västra Mälardalen we find the cities Köping, Arboga and Kungsör, which have taken a common approach to cycling tourism in the area. We asked some questions to Lina Ekdahl, who is Culture & Events Coordinator in Kungsörs municipality, about the collaboration and which grains of gold we must not miss in the area from the bicycle saddle. In addition, the family with children gets some extra nice tips!

Hey Lina!
You work closely with Köping and Arboga when it comes to tourism. Do you have any tips on great nature experiences when cycling in your area?
Yes, of course there is a lot of nature and history in an area that has been shaped for many thousands of years. Here in Kungsör I suggest wonderful Jägaråsen, here you can see Drottning Kristina's riding arena and at the same time look out over Lake Mälaren. Jägaråsen is part of an elongated pebble ridge, in addition to pine, many deciduous trees such as linden, oak and beech thrive here. Jägaråsen is located next to Kungudden, which is a homestead, with a café and a small museum, from which several of our trails start, Kungsörs Östra bike path and the bike trail Kungs barkarö. If you choose the eastern one, you will come through the charming Himmelsberga village.

Lina Ekdahl on a bike ride in the MTB tracks

And if I start from Arboga or Köping instead?
In Arboga, above all, you must not miss Hjälmare Docka. You can cycle along parts of the canal, but it is always nice to have a destination, at the visitor center at Hjälmare dock, you can see when you lock boats by hand. As well as stopping for a break at the nice café. If you want to experience cool nature, I advise you to park your bike and walk up to Finnhäll. Also in Köping there are plenty of sights along the cycle paths, for example do not miss the ancient castle Visberget and in the village Häljesta, where you will find the largest known rock carvings in Västmanland. On the slabs you can see almost 500 figures, including ships, human figures and animal figures. 

Do you have any special tips for families with children?
Yes, in Arboga I think you can plan an activity at Ekbacksbadet, the family-friendly bath and in Köping I want to recommend all whimsical playgrounds, such as Hästhagens and Bondgårdsberget. Here in Kungsör, I think it is excellent for the bathing craving to stop at the bathing area Skillinge, or to pay a visit to Pinnparken's playground with many tools and beautiful views.