Trade show with everything that makes the cyclist interested

One of the big events of the year for anyone interested in cycling and cycling is the door. March 16-18, 2018, the Swedish Bicycle Fair will be held at Kistamässan in northern Stockholm. Sweden by Bike is in place with the exhibition element Cycling in Sweden where visitors can learn more about different bike destinations. We asked BraMässor's Deputy CEO Bo Magnusson to tell us more about the event. 

Who is the target for the Swedish Bicycle Fair? Bo Magnusson, Swedish Bicycle Fair
Everyone who bikes a lot or just a little and even those who have just been thinking about starting a bike.

What will a visitor be able to enjoy? 
Hundreds of NEW bicycles, both electric and regular and other news for the cyclist. But also places to ride bikes, races to ride bikes, clubs to ride bikes with and everything else that makes cyclists happy. And lots of seminars and workshops, for example with Silver Emma Johansson, skating school legend Tomas Gustafsson, bike chef Henrik Orrje and many more and just as cool!

Something you think will attract extra attention? 
Electric bike path with a try-on-hill! Sweden's Bicycle Kingdom Day on Friday with all parties' election promises. I can just keep enumerating them. website is stuffy.

You were in Gothenburg in the spring of 2017. What was your interest then? 
Super Great. Over 10,000 the first time. Queue out on Korsvägen before we opened on Saturday. Gothenburg is a good fair city but Stockholm is bigger. We will see, but there will probably be lots of people!

How do you hope that the exhibition section Cykla in Sweden, which Sweden by Bike holds, will contribute to the fair as a whole?
The visitors in Gothenburg were very clear that it not only wants to see new bikes, but that they also want to know more about where to bike and vacation with the bike, and what to do with their bike at all. You get that stand in Cykla in Sweden and it is very important for the fair that it is back!

The picture of Bo Magnusson was taken by Joachim Nywall.