Meet the cycling guide who wants to convey knowledge and inspiration

In addition to inspiration and knowledge, the joy of being active and experiencing nature are two things that cycling guide Joakim Hermansson wants to convey to his customers. He has a solid background in nature tourism and runs the company Upplevelsebolaget in Bohuslän. Sweden by Bike had the opportunity to ask some questions about cycling.    

Why did you choose to become a cycling guide?

I have, like many others, always cycled. That mountain biking was included as a main activity when I started Upplevelsebolaget was natural. Since then, it has rolled on, as a Gothenburger would say.  

Joakim Hermansson. Photographer: Karoline Abrahamansson

You work for Swedish nature tourism. What are the benefits of experiencing nature from the bicycle saddle?

Cycling is a fantastic way to travel with all the senses, at a speed that we can understand. The head catches up. The brain and the body emerge at the same time. On a mountain bike, it is an unbeatable combination of movement and perhaps action, while nature and the experience of it are always included. Cycling is also permissive in the sense that it is possible to practice at all levels. You can cycle long or short, slow or fast, on different types of surfaces and the focus of the experience can vary. On a bicycle, you also cover a slightly larger geographical area than on foot. You have greater range. Which I explored on my long bikes.   

What kind of experiences do you want to offer the person you are guiding? 

It depends on which group, or which guests, we have. And a lot of other factors. But common is the joy of active nature experiences. Moving and being physically active, in beautiful environments, simply makes us happier. In addition, we want to convey knowledge and inspiration. It's fun to learn things, whether it's about the cycling itself or the environment we live in. The social aspect, socializing and hanging out with like-minded people is also important.