Are bamboo bikes right in time?

During the Swedish Bicycle Fair in Kista, Stockholm, March 16-18, there was a lot of cycling. One of those who was inspired was Isaac Mayanja, who plans to import bikes in bamboo. What got him stuck was the healthy feeling he got when he took a test tour in Uganda.

The bikes are manufactured by an acquaintance in Uganda. Today, manufacturing takes place on a small scale, but the business has the potential to grow.
- If we help them reach out, this can be huge. I myself have always been interested in bicycles made of wood, because they are good looking. The great thing about bamboo is that it is durable and smart when it comes to recycling. Then these bikes come from the country where I have my roots, and the combination can't be better, says Isaac Mayanja, who is 27 and lives in Bromma.

One who believes in the idea of importing bamboo bikes from Uganda to Sweden is Isaac's girlfriend Elin Berzelius.
- I'm sure it will hit. Many companies here at the fair use words like sustainable and eco, then it feels like you don't always know what you mean by that. Therefore, I believe that bamboo bikes and durable bikes can be very timely.

Isaac thinks he may have started in between six months and one year.
- Then I feel confident in the product. First, I want to test myself properly.