No other room is similar to Kohlswa Herrgård

About 15 kilometers northwest of Köping lies the town of Kolsva and Kohlswa manor, dating from the mid-1600s. There are 18 single rooms and 25 double rooms in different buildings and nothing is the same. Ernst Kirchsteiger has facilitated the renovation of the old orangery. Together with husband Mikael, Linda Wiborg runs Kohlswa Herrgård and the adjacent organic farming. We asked her to tell us a little about the manor.    

What makes Kohlswa Herrgård special for a visitor?
It is a throne place on the outskirts of a small utility community in southern Bergslagen. An old-fashioned environment that lies next to the river Hedstömmen. The manor house includes six charming houses and in the old manor house you can enjoy pompous lounges. There is also a manor park which is simple but relaxing.

After looking at the orangery, go down to the beautiful Hedströmmen and take a walk in the park. What's more to do?
We have built a new sauna village with hot tubs that blends into the historic environment in a nice way. Then you can pre-book visits to our organic farm with milk production and some meat animals. We invest in modern technology and have, among other things, robotic milking.

You serve lunch on weekdays and dinner on Fridays and Saturdays. How is the menu affected by agriculture?
All beef served in the restaurant is organic from Kolsva Agriculture.

The manor dates back to the mid-17th century and has among other things had Karl XI as a guest. How does it feel to manage such pompous traditions?
We safeguard Kolsva's history and are delighted to have the opportunity to manage both the mansion and agriculture that were once part of Kolsva Mill. Kolsva is, as I said, a utility society dating back hundreds of years.

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