The home vase Strängnäs has features that suit everyone

Everyone who likes MTB knows that the long-standing Vasaloppet organizes Cykelvasan. This summer, those who want to enjoy cycling according to this recipe can also sign up for Hemmavasan in beautiful Strängnäs by Mälaren's shore. The activities go under the name Hemmavasan Strängnäs and take place in different phases with different start dates between June 3 and 10, 2023. Sweden by Bike asked event manager Torbjörn Pettersson to tell us more about the experiences on offer.

Torbjörn Pettersson, event manager, Hemmavasan Strängnäs.

Can you tell me which dates and forms apply to the various activities?

First we have Hemmavasan Strängnäs MTB Bicycle which is organized June 3-10, 2023. The race is organized as an "open track", that is, the participants can choose completely themselves when they want to start their race. They also choose which of four urban areas in Strängnäs municipality they want to start and finish in. The course of approximately 55 kilometers offers a start and finish on the outskirts of Strängnäs, in Stallarholmen, in Mariefred or in Åkers Styckebruk.

Home vase Strängnäs Roll & Rush will be held on June 5. This is the race for participants with functional variations of any kind. There are two course lengths to choose from: 1.7 kilometers or approx. 5 kilometers.

Last but not least we have Hemmavasan Strängnäs Walk, Lump, Run or Race which is organized on the national day itself, June 6, 2023. Our youngest participants have the chance to participate over 1.7 kilometers, while the adults can choose between two distances, 5 or 10 kilometers. All courses run for large parts in connection with Mälaren and have the character of urban races, but the longest distances also have parts that go on forest paths.

Hemmavasan-Strangnas view

Which places will you see if you cycle the Hemmavasan Strängnäs MTB? Do you have a favorite?

The course is mostly on dirt roads, no advanced MTB cycling, and some parts are on tarmac. The course goes through undulating, beautiful, rural environments and you pass the towns of Stallarholmen, Mariefred and Åkers Styckebruk as well as on the outskirts of Strängnäs. The participants already choose in connection with their registration in which city they want to start and finish. Start, pass and finish registration is done using the timing chip provided by the organizer and worn on the bicycle helmet. Some of the views that will meet the participants in the cycling event are the view over Mälaren towards the city center in Strängnäs with the Cathedral as a landmark and then of course the Vasaborgen, Gripsholms Castle, at the start in, or when passing through, Mariefred.

What should a cyclist think about before the race if they are interested in participating? 

As a participant in the Hemmavasan Strängnäs MTB Cycle, you should think about planning your cycling by bringing liquid with you for the entire round, or that you simply stop for lunch, coffee or refilling liquid along the way. There are no fixed hydration stations available along the course. The organizer provides a well-marked track, number tag, timing chip, participant shirt in functional material and everyone gets a medal after finishing.