Makes life more difficult for the bicycle thief

Unfortunately, far too many Swedes have experienced what it feels like to have their bike stolen. Powerlessness, frustration, anger and not least the financial loss. Sweden by Bike asked Robert Ytterberg, who is Product Manager for anti-theft labels on SSF Theft Protection Association, how to wear to make it more difficult for the clueless thieves.   

Theft is a scourge for cyclists. How many bicycles are stolen in a year in Sweden? 

According to BRÅ, approximately 65,000 bicycle thefts were carried out in 2018.

You have a special technique for marking bicycles. What is it about in short? 

SSF Bicycle labeling contains four different types of markings consisting of MärkDNA with micro points, UV etching of ID code, and a QR ID code, which together provide an advanced anti-theft marking in several layers. Three of the mentioned markings can also be read on the spot by the police, which significantly speeds up identification. A quick identification of an owner is of the utmost importance to be able to prove that goods are stolen and thus be able to retain perpetrators for further investigation.

Are there other things you can do to avoid getting your bike stolen? 

Use a certified lock (lists of these can be found on the Anti-Theft Association's website) and lock the bike in both the frame and the wheel in a fixed object.

Why did you choose to collaborate with us at Sweden by Bike? 

We think you stand for good environmental advocacy, a healthy way of seeing Sweden and good advocates for the Swedish tourism industry.

If you want to go out and cycle for fun, do you have a favorite place?

Unfortunately, I am not a big bike fan myself, but in that case I go out for a picnic, in the forest or to the beach.

There are things you can do to stop the bike thieves, or at least make it harder for them. It's about things like locking the bike with a good bike lock that Robert Ytterberg takes up. Another good thing to think about is bicycle insurance, how to handle if the bike is stolen and, as I said, how the bike is tracked in the best way. Here is a link with lots of useful information from the SSF Theft Protection Society.

Daniel Bergstrand
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