Eskilstuna paves the way for environmentally smart experiences on a bicycle

Eskilstuna is investing broadly and ambitiously in developing bicycle tourism. An important reason is that the municipality wants to encourage sustainable travel and transport for climate reasons. In addition, more jobs are being sought in the hospitality industry through growing bicycle tourism. Sweden by Bike had the opportunity to ask some questions to Helen Strömberg, who is the Tourist Office Manager at Destination Eskilstuna.

Eskilstuna bike tourismEskilstuna works actively to develop more environmentally smart experiences and the municipality believes that bicycle tourism has great development potential, which in turn provides opportunities to develop new jobs in the hospitality industry. Eskilstuna Tourist Information has recently produced a new bicycle guide in Eskilstuna which is aimed at both residents and visitors and can be booked for groups. In Eskilstuna, an annual bicycle week and a mobility week are also carried out in which you highlight and encourage sustainable travel and transport. The conditions for bicycle travel in the city and its surroundings are exceptionally good.

- In the immediate vicinity of Eskilstuna there are great opportunities to use both MTB trails, Näckrosleden, Strandleden, and Mälardalsleden, says Helen Strömberg, Tourism Agency Manager at Destination Eskilstuna.

One step in the development is to develop more customized offers for tourists who want to cycle.

- Eskilstuna collaborates with Sweden by bike to further develop and package completed tour suggestions, which is increasingly demanded by both national and international visitors, says Helen Strömberg.

An ambitious effort is underway to make the existing cycle paths even more attractive. Helen Strömberg tells us that inventory, mapping and updating of the Näckros Trail have been carried out together with the Sörmland Region Association and other tourism organizations in Södermanland, with the aim of tying together different routes and developing the cooperation even more.

In Eskilstuna, we also work actively with the Culture and Leisure Administration and the City Building Administration to further develop and improve the municipality's cycling paths and cycle paths, which are a prerequisite for being able to further develop bicycle tourism.

When you get to know Eskilstuna as a cycling city, you soon notice that there is good information material for cyclists, such as bike maps and nice routes such as the so-called Lion Round in direct connection to the city. According to Helen Strömberg, this range is popular.

- Our visitors appreciate the range of maps and we notice that demand is increasing more and more. Our visitors also appreciate that we provide several tips on sights and sights in connection with the proposed route.

So a lot going on in cycling and cycling tourism within the municipality. The question is what does Helen Strömberg herself prefer if she is going on a bike excursion in the city?

- On a nice summer day, I like to take a bike ride from central Eskilstuna along the Å-strip, which runs along the Eskilstuna river. Then I make a stop at Ekeby wetland which is a fantastic beautiful place with good opportunities for picnics and a rich bird life, a perfect outing with the children.

The photo of Helen Strömberg was taken by Pierre Pocs.