The secrets of a leading joint builder

For those who know mountain biking and cross country, the name Fredrik Jelk has a very special meaning. This is because the joints he is behind are among the best in the country. Sweden by Bike has asked about the thoughts behind the successes.     

You are considered one of Sweden's best joint builders and have your base in Järvsö. Why do your joints have such a high reputation?

We have a clear picture of which target group we want to build for. With that as a starting point, we try to create as fun, safe and sustainable a product as possible based on the conditions that nature on site provides. When you then start building, it is very easy to make the trail a little more difficult than planned. Therefore, the key to success is to really stick to the plan and "just" make the trail as fun as possible. 

Can you share any wise lessons you have learned from other successful cycling areas?

That it is not just cycling that makes a good experience. It's everything about cycling: the food, the bike wash, the pendant, the accommodation. Everything matters. You can not miss a part of the whole, it's like getting a broken spoke in the wheel. Another success factor is picking up sights along the way to gild the trail. Then it is important to think through the layout before you start building, so that at a later stage you can build on in a good way. 

What are your top 3 cycling destinations if you yourself have some free cycling days?   

Far to go, but Whistler in Canada is the best so far. Glentress in Scotland is also a place I can highly recommend. Closer, Trysil in Norway is good.