Bicycle home in Sweden - so they have prepared the business for a unique summer

Photo: Apelöga

Some who really hope that the Swedes take the chance to vacation at home this year are Sakura Tours and Monika Josephat, who for several years have been arranging bicycle trips at, among others, Österlen. Of course, they have noticed that the situation prevails, but have done everything they can to make it easier for summer bicycle travelers. We asked some questions to Monika about how they adapted the business and why cycling holidays are so fantastic. 

Hello Monika!
Tell me a little about you - who are you? We have arranged bicycle packages in Southern Sweden for more than five years and have always focused on giving our guests a genuine and unforgettable experience. We have several standard packages to choose from (including along the Southeast Trail, South Coast Trail and Kattegatt Trail) and all can be customized according to requests for number of days, distances per day and where you want to start / end the tour. For us it is important to use personal and nice / nice accommodation where we know that you are well cared for.

20200512 Monika ST - Cykelhemestra in Sweden - how they have prepared for a unique summer
Monika Josephat

How have you adapted the business to Covid-19? 
We are happy to book accommodation now and allow travelers to wait as long as they need to say yes or no to the tour without advance payment and purchase requirements. All of our accommodations are clean with the usual care, but now they are extra careful and have introduced measures such as that most things on the breakfast table are wrapped (pallets, eggs, juices), they clean everything extra, are careful with proper space and free space in eg. the breakfast room (if you do not prefer to eat in your room) and have a handshake in front. In the accommodation where dinner buffet is usually offered, a wrapped plate of food is served instead.

What do you say to troubled travelers? 
For those who are thinking of cycling this summer, we recommend booking now, but wait for payment (or get good terms for a refund). We hope and believe that the curve will go down to the summer so we Swedes will be able to vacation at home. And what is better than a vacation in the fresh air? In addition, Sweden has so much to offer that many people may not think of in ordinary cases.

Finally - why is cycling holiday so fantastic?
Oh that's a lot! The fresh air, to move, the wind in the hair, the freedom. Everything big and small to discover along the way. You go further than on foot, but only so far that you have time to enjoy everything along the way and see things you would not see, for example. car.