Beautiful Järvsö. If you have not been there you have missed something, but have you not been there and cycled you have missed even more. Here, Hälsingland offers a real paradise for versatile cycling and is suitable for anyone who wants to cycle downhill or be flattened to one of the many excursion destinations. Here Amanda Sandahl, project manager at Destination Järvsö, talks about the area's continued exciting development.

Hi Amanda!

You have a nice bike park in Järvsö, but you also develop other type of cycling out in the nature. Can you tell us what's going on right now?
We are incredibly proud to have JBP (Järvsö Bergcykelpark) with us and they have paved the way for us to continue with the motto Cycling for everyone. Last year, our club built an amazingly fine skills park with 2 pump tracks built by Velosolutions and a technology training area. We are now working on mapping and making available tour suggestions for different types of cyclists (road, gravel, coffee / leisure cycling). We have also just realized that a new network of sustainable XC leads will be built. From simple beginner trails that are wide and smooth to more challenging trails that require more technology and endurance. The first trail will be completed already in July this year and the goal is to make cycling so fun that you do not want to stop, regardless of age or if you are a beginner or advanced - there is cycling for everyone!

Amanda Sandahl
Amanda Sandahl, project manager destination Järvsö

You arrange the Gårdstrampet in August. What do you experience when you join and ride a bike?  

At Järvsö Gårdstramp you cycle from farm to farm, see the fields where the food grows and the animals graze. In the farms you can meet the producer, buy something to eat and drink made on fresh local products, look around, meet new and old friends - a bit of a farm party it is intended! You cycle as short or as long as you want and when you have visited a farm, filled with energy, you jump on the bike and tread on to the next farm. You choose where you want to start and end, if you want to cycle to one or all farms.

A magical day filled with joy, fun acquaintances and insights into what a fantastic job our producers are doing! If you travel far away, there are bicycles to rent in Järvsö.

Family riding in Järvsö Mountain Bike Park, Hälsingland, Sweden.
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