In this interview, Sweden by Bike has a great stranger. How about three stage wins in the tough cycling classic Giro d'Italia? We have the honor to present the former professional cyclist Glenn Magnusson. Today he runs the company Cykelaptit which arranges bicycle trips in Italy, of course, and now also Sweden. 

Photo: Jesper Anhede

When we ask who is the greatest road cyclist of all time, Glenn Magnusson does not hesitate for a second.

 - Eddy Merckx.

The Belgian legend Merckx won the Giro d'Italia five times in the early 1970s. Together with the Tour de France and around Spain (Vuelta a España), the competition is the largest stage race in the world and is considered the toughest considering the climbs in the mountains. During his career as a professional cyclist, Glenn Magnusson himself managed to win three stage victories in the Italian classic.

 - I see this as my biggest memory from my career. 

Glenn-Magnusson_Victure -From-Giro-d´Italia-1997-At-The-Goal-In-Cuneo
Glenn Magnusson - victory picture from the Giro d'Italia 1997 at the finish in Cuneo.

Glenn Magnusson has, as one of the few Swedes, also completed the Tour de France and around Spain. After his active career, he has, among other things, managed to be the Swedish national team captain. A heavily merited gentleman in other words. You can ask yourself what it is you are looking for when you have spent so many hours on the bike saddle in different countries and in varying landscapes. Why is cycling so wonderful?

 - It is the best way to experience total freedom. If I were to choose a place in Sweden where I would like to take a good friend on a cycling trip, I would choose car-free roads in Värmland. 

His company Cykelaptit has for many years arranged bicycle trips in Italy. Now they also offer travel in Serbia, Switzerland and Sweden. One of the Swedish bicycle packages is included in Sweden by Bikes' range. Sweden by Bike can see an increased interest in cycling holidays in Sweden. A contributing factor is unfortunately the pandemic, but there is so much that speaks for cycling. Glenn Magnusson believes that the positive development for cycling will continue.

- Cycling is constantly growing both internationally and in Sweden, so there will continue to be a large market for cycling travel.

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