No one has been able to avoid electric bikes in the cry. Växjö MTB, which has rented regular bicycles and mountain bikes in the past, now also starts with electric bicycles. In addition, the new site is launched 

It is requests from potential customers that Växjö MTB is now starting to offer electric bicycles for hire.

- It is a small experiment we do, a test if there is a market for renting electric bicycles in Småland and Växjö. We have received inquiries and notice that there is an interest, says Johan Sundh, who is Rental Manager at Växjö MTB.

Already in the past, the company has rented mountain bike bikes in addition to "regular bicycles". A slightly different niche for bike rental companies. These have included campsites that want bikes on hand if customers want to take a trip, tourists, private individuals who want to test a trip on their own and increasingly companies that want team activities where employees in groups get to test on MTB. Then under the direction of an instructor.

- Mountain bikes are good on dirt roads and of course if you want to go out in the woods a turn. It has been appreciated that you can rent them and we also sell mountain bikes to some extent, says Johan Sundh.

The company is also launching a brand new site,, where they have grouped their rental offer into three different categories: bicycle, electric bicycle and MTB. It also offers transport of bicycles. Geographically, primarily targets the Smålands market.

- We see it as an advantage that we can offer different types of bicycles, both for those who want to take it a little quieter on an electric bike, and for those who want to test cycling a little tougher in the forest.

In both segments, Växjö MTB hopes German tourists who usually visit the region. In general, it is felt that there is an increased demand for bicycles for rent. The company also offers instructor services of the type that companies purchase to their employees for team building purposes. Daniel Evaldsson, licensed personal trainer and experienced MTB cyclist, is the one who teaches the skills.

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