Simon Tullstedt is project manager at Bergslagen Cycling, an area located in the Örebro region and is Sweden's leading and largest cycling area. And if you ask us - definitely one of the best too. Here you can read about why Simon and his colleagues think it is important to develop bicycle tourism, and about the summer's big investment in the area.

Hi simon!
Why are you investing in developing bicycle tourism in your region?

For several important reasons - we want to create economic sustainability in the countryside, develop the visitor industry and regional attractiveness. Of course, improved public health is also a reason, as it is Region Örebro county that runs Bergslagen cycling.

Simon Tullstedt, photographer: Oskar Schriever-Abeln
Simon Tullstedt, photographer Oskar Schriever-Abeln

Do you have any tips for any personal favorites or strawberry spots? 
Hjulsjö is a real gem! It is Bergslagen in concentrated form. Beautiful forests, lakes, mines, food crafts, creative people. In Hjulsjö there are lots to discover and experience.

Yes, we understand that the bike trails around Hjulsjö are very popular, what do you think it is due to?
Everyone can have fun on the trails in Hjulsjö! There are miles and miles of sandy fast trails that wind back and forth through a fairly hilly landscape. In addition, the service is excellent with bicycle wash, changing rooms, accommodation and a couple of incredibly good cafes just along the routes.

You have a new venture underway in Kumla - can you tell us a little more about it?

Yes! A bunch of really nice downhill / enduro trails on Kvarntorpshögen, which is a hundred meters high and constantly smoking slag pile a mile east of Kumla. Already there are a couple of green descents for children and a really steep black descent. Now a blue-red is also being built a little longer. Together with our technology track and our three XC routes, Kvarntorp will be this summer's bike destination!

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