Better accessibility for cyclists at Ekolsund

Anyone who wants to cycle from Enköping to Håbo has got much better conditions. It is the old railway bridge between Ekolsund and Stämsvik that has been equipped with new foundations. In addition, the sly has been cleared and the old railway bank has been refilled and leveled. 

The route is part of the Mälardalsleden trail and is a natural choice for cyclists who travel from Enköping towards Håbo municipality or vice versa. In the past, you have had to cycle old E18 to cross the Ekolsundsviken or get off and lead the bikes over the bad ground. The improvement of the bridge and the railway bank opens up new opportunities both for those who like to cycle the Mälardalsleden trail and for the municipalities in the area.

- This will be a boost for bicycle tourism through Håbo and Enköping, says Jenny Lindberg, responsible for visitor industry issues at Håbo Marknads AB.

Håbo Ekolsund Skohalvön

The investment became possible, among other things, by joining Håbo Marknads AB as a project owner and through financial support from a so-called Leader project. Leader is a method of what is called locally led development through collaboration. The funding for Leader projects comes from the neighboring municipalities, the state and the EU. The work on clearing and improved groundwork has been carried out by residents in the area who are members of local community associations.

Håbo Municipality sees increased opportunities for its ongoing investment in cycling tourism through the improved accessibility across Ekolsundsviken. Cycling is important for the municipality.

- We are investing in bicycle tourism because it is a growing phenomenon. We work with a business perspective at Håbo Marknads AB and we want to see that more companies will be able to feed in the hospitality industry, which is one of the fastest growing industries. Large parts of the municipality are made up of rural areas, so the hospitality industry is a suitable way to go. We also have an environmental goal in the municipality and see cycling tourism rather than car tourism, says Jenny Lindberg.

Håbo Shoe Peninsula

There are further, even more long-term, reasons why Håbo wants to attract tourists who come by bicycle. You see a place very good from the bike saddle.

- We want people to come here and see how nice it is, and maybe in the long term be interested in moving here.

The municipality also invests in culture and history. You are seeking support in order to revive the old Stone House which is adjacent to Skokloster castle. It is empty today, but the idea is to fill it with culture and various events. In other words, for bike tourists there will be even more attractions in the future. But even today there are many gems in the area. For those who want to stop and recuperate once you have come across the Håbosidan, Jenny Lindberg has a good tip.

- It is a great stop at Krägga Café and Lanthandel that is perfect for cyclists. I can highly recommend it.