Amazing history, Mr. Åberg and idyllic nature - cycling in Håbo this summer

Are you thinking of cycling in the areas around Håbo and Skohalvön this summer? You do the right thing. Here you will find gold, whether it is the beautiful nature, a dip in the blue, an improvement in history or exciting cultural experiences that you are looking for on a cycling holiday. Jenny Lindberg and Ulrika Adolfsson from Håbo municipality give us tips on their gold nuggets for the cyclist.

Hey! What can I do if I intend to discover Håbo by bike this summer?

In Håbo there are good opportunities to experience the surroundings from the bike. You can get around on not too busy country roads and here are several different bike and mountain bike trails. You can, for example, take the bike on the commuter train to Bålsta station and cycle to Åbergs museum in less than ten minutes, have lunch at the restaurant and see the world-famous Disney collection.

To cycle down from there to Kalmarsand beach for a dip and an ice cream in the beach kiosk only takes a few minutes. From there, you cycle on to Bro commuter train station in half an hour. Or you take the country road out to Krägga and stop Krägga café and Lanthandel before you cycle on towards Enköping or back to Bålsta over Brunnsta village where the farms are still lined up along the old country road that they have done since the Middle Ages.

Jenny Lindberg and Ulrika Adolfsson suggests cycling in Håbo

The shoe peninsula offers great nature experiences. How do I experience them best?

On the beautiful Skohalvön there are many small and larger roads that are very suitable for a bike ride. There are two cycle paths, one of 15 kilometers and the other of 24 kilometers with lots of interesting places to visit that are excellent along the way. The world-famous castle in all its glory, but here is also a soldier's croft from the 18th century which the local local community association keeps open on the weekends. And Lugneborgen is a mighty ancient castle where you can have a picnic on the way out to the peninsula. And on Skokloster camping there is both a lovely sandy beach, restaurant and mini golf. In the area around the castle there are several cafes and opportunities to stock up. The beautiful medieval church and the Stone House with gallery and shop are also well worth a visit. The castle is a must to visit, and this year the park and its surroundings are shown in a new way because we are not allowed to gather so many indoors.

Bicycle tourism is steadily increasing in Sweden. What do you think it depends on?

Sweden's nature is absolutely fantastic, especially in the summer! We believe that many people choose to cycle because you get closer to nature and you get there relatively quickly by bicycle. It is both healthier to cycle than by car, metro or bus and also the most environmentally friendly way to get around. From the bike you get a closer experience of landscape and culture. It is easier to stop when you see something exciting, such as a small farm shop or a beautiful glade by the lake. 

We hope for more cyclists in Håbo this summer!

Idyllic surroundings meet you who want to cycle in Håbo

Feel free to read more at Håbo Municipality and Visit Skokloster